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Susan Allen Cute Pate On cattle Handling
by Susan Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: August 30, 2017

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With today's Agri Beef Minute on the Land and Livestock Report, I’m Susan Allen, I recently spent time with the Maasai tribe in Kenya and was amazed at how even a 5-year-old child moved cattle in a low-stress manner. Watching them reminded me of attending a Cute Pate clinic and how he believes animal handling and husbandry should be top-of-mind on any ranch. He says while management practices on the ranch have shifted through the generations, our future relies on a commitment to stockmanship and stewardship:

PATE: My grandparents, your grandparents, used to deal with animals on almost an hourly basis. Now our mornings are spent on a computer or a tractor so our basic animal handling skills have gone away so we now have to focus on those rather than it’s just a natural part of our way of living.

Like the Massai have learned from generations of handling cattle, it’s all about pressure

PATE: There’ three kinds of pressure we use with working with animals. We have a driving pressure, we have drawing pressure we have a maintaining pressure. It’s all about teaching people how to put the proper amount of pressure on animals to get the job done but not to stress them while we are doing it. Animal welfare, animal handling is a big part of our future, the better your skill level and the better your better your attitude gets with working with cattle the more good days you are going to have.

The folks at Agri Beef promote this very style of stewardship and stockmanship that Curt teaches, That’s today Agri Beef Minute. Agri Beef Company Real Families, Great People, and Exceptional Beef



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