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Russell Nemetz Beef Distribution and Seasonal Trends
by Russell Nemetz, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: December 13, 2017

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Hi everybody it’s time for your Wednesday Agri Beef Minute here on the Ag Information Network of the West-I’m Russell Nemetz.

Today our newsmaker guest is Dave Murphy, National Sales Manager for Agri Beef and he explains the process of delivering the beef they produce at Agri Beef to our refrigerator.

“I’m always impressed by the number of companies and entities that the beef industry employs and works with whether it be truckers, the distribution network, their sales people as well as those who stock the shelves at a grocery store. Our beef is sold to a distributor that then ages the product that then distributes it to either a food service or retail outlet for those fine folks to do their work with.”

He also explains the different seasonal trends of beef.

“One of the interesting things for the industry to deal with is continuing to sell all the different cuts of beef year round not just for instance hamburgers in grilling season. We have to find better ways of utilizing the animal and continuing to offer them in ways that the consumer will buy year round.”

Agri Beef Company. Real Family, Great People and Exceptional Beef.

That’s your Land and Livestock Report-I’m Russell Nemetz.

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