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Russell Nemetz PLC Working for Public Lands Ranchers for 50 Years
by Russell Nemetz, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: September 04, 2018

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Public lands have long been a part of ranching in the west. Today, there are more than 22-thousand American ranchers grazing livestock on 250-million acres of public lands. Representing those ranchers and fighting for them on critical policy issues is the mission of the Public Lands Council or PLC. This year, the PLC celebrates its 50th Anniversary and PLC president Dave Eliason says there’s good reason why the PLC was formed in 1968.

“In 1968 is when it was originally formed, and that was about the same time that laws like the NEPA was going, endangered species, you know a lot of bad things were happening towards the public lands ranching, and so the wool growers and the cattlemen decided maybe they should get together, because they really didn't have anything just focused on public lands issues, which are a lot different than, you know, our regular run on public lands, or private lands, so they formed this together and it slowly has built up over the years. It's done a lot of good."

The PLC Annual Meeting and 50th Anniversary Celebration is set for September 27th thru the 29th in Park City, Utah. To learn more about the meeting, visit public lands council dot org.

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