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Russell Nemetz AgriBeef Feedlots Increasing Pen Capacity This Spring
by Russell Nemetz, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: April 03, 2019

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Well it’s a busy time of the year for AgriBeef’s cattle backgrounding and feedlot operations. Logan Peters is an AgriBeef procurement representative and explains.

“We’re seeing a lot of cattle move right now into the feed yards” said Peters. “Actually, a lot of them are right from the grow yards as those cattle were placed in those grow yards this fall. And so, we're at the 100-120 day back grinding period going into the feed yards and we've increased the capacity of those pens in the feed yards kind of getting closer to summer capacity as we don't put them in as tight in the winter just because of the amount of mud. So, as we go into summer with some better weather, we look forward to filling our feed yard up a little bit bigger seeing that we'll have more pen space and less mud to deal with.”

He says regardless of the season, the consumer is always top of mind.

“Health and comfort are some of our first priorities within the livestock division” said Peters. “As long as we can provide a safe healthy product for our consumers and my family to eat it definitely makes me happy.”

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