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David Sparks Ph.d State of Animal Ag
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Line on Agriculture
Date: February 09, 2017

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With so many animal activist groups out there who sometimes even violently oppose the notion that animals are used in the food supply, I had a conversation with Hannah Thompson-Weeman concerning how she feels animal agriculture is doing. "2017 is actually the 30th anniversary for the Animal Agriculture Alliance, so we have seen so many changes in animal agriculture and in consumer perception and how we communicate with consumers over those 30 years. We are very excited about how things are going right now in 2017. As consumers have gotten more and more interested in food production, it is a great thing it’s a wonderful trend and we are able to communicate directly with consumers using social media a lot more easily than we could back in 1987 when we didn’t even have a website, much less a social media presence because it didn’t exist. We are able to connect directly with our consumers and share what is going on on farms and ranches and help with their questions. Unfortunately the Internet and the abundance of information and disinformation allows activist groups to push out a lot of myths and scary things and things to make consumers question animal agriculture and whether they should be eating our products. It's a very interesting time and new developments are happening every day but we are very positive and excited about the future of animal agriculture. The vast majority of the population, I think the number is 97%, eats milk, meat and eggs obviously because they are good for you and they are delicious.”

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