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David Sparks Ph.d Earth Day 2017
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Line on Agriculture
Date: April 21, 2017

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Earth day. I am sure that everybody is aware that tomorrow is Earth Day and Earth Day 2017 is a reminder of the importance all of us in agriculture should be placing on our responsibility to look after the land, water, and habitat so important to all agricultural producers. As an example, the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Ray Jaindl, who is Director of Natural Resource programs, says Earth Day 2017 is an opportunity for the Oregon Department of Agriculture to highlight its efforts to protect the state’s natural resources: “Earth Day for us is really 365 days a year because many of our programs contribute to the state’s efforts to make this an environment that we all can be proud of.” Like most state departments of agriculture, ODA has conducted programs that protect natural resources for years– way before Earth Day started in 1970. The programs and issues have become more sophisticated but the goal of sustaining land, water, and habitat remains the same: “We do this in collaboration with landowners and local communities– a combination of both– but intimately involved with landowners because it is something that is in their favor, to have an environment that’s productive.” Earth Day interests and issues include those that address water quality, water quantity, soil and water conservation districts, pesticides, fertilizers, insect pests, invasive weeds, and threatened or endangered plants.

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