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David Sparks Ph.d Hurricane Help
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Line on Agriculture
Date: August 31, 2017

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You know with all of this divisiveness and hatred going on in our country it makes you wonder if our society has gone to you nowhere in a hand basket. These delusional neo-Nazis who are attacking people because they feel they would like to take actions against memories of slavery. Understandably intolerant members of the other side counterattacking. Then, just when you think there is no hope, you come across something like what I found on our website, aginfo.net courtesy of Facebook. The Hurricane Harvey catastrophe in Houston led Donna RobbAmerican Cattlemen to post: I know some of y’all have horses that are displaced. Here's some folks who would like to help you. We are Ralph and Tamera Hampton, 3.5 hours north of Humble Texas. We have close to 100 acres of fenced pasture and woods. We do not flood, we are in rolling hills. We are opening the ranch up to anyone who needs shelter for their horses. Mares and geldings please. Current coggins. Bring some feed if you can and if you can't your horses will not go hungry. Plenty of water trees and good grass. If you want to stay with your horses, bring a camper or whatever you can. Call or text 936 – 201 – 6642.

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