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Bob Larson Marketline Report for Monday, September 11th
by Bob Larson, click here for bio

Program: Market Line
Date: September 11, 2017

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This is Bob Larson with the Market Line Report for Monday, September 11th Much of the attention in trading is on Hurricane Irma. From the Allendale trading desk, here’s Steve Georgy ...

Georgy ... “A lot of guys talking about the evacuation out of most areas of Florida. Certainly, I hope everyone is okay. And, we look past this now to the USDA’s report on Tuesday, whether or not we’re going to get some change from USDA on yield, acreage, where are we at? Are they going to recognize an issue? Are they going to recognize that we should probably drop yields from our producer’s survey that had told us that we need to see a decline as far as yields? There needs to be an adjustment out of acreage. Is this the report that they start to do that? We’ll have to see as we get closer to that report on Tuesday.”

Chicago Sept Wheat prices closed yesterday up ¼ at 412 ½

Sept corn was up 2 ½ at 344 ½

Portland prices for soft white wheat of Ordinary Protein for September ended the day unch ranging from 4-90 to 5-20 Hard Red Winter wheat with 11 ½ % protein, prices for September were dn ¼ ranging from 5-16 ½ to 5-61 ½ DNS wheat with 14 % protein, prices for September were dn 3 ranging from 7-36 ¾ to 7-56 ¾

Live Cattle for Oct were up 1.10 at 107.62 ½ Sept Feeder cattle were up $2.32 ½ to 147.92 ½ Sept Class III milk was up .02 cents at 16.28

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