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Bob Larson Marketline Report for Friday, October 13th
by Bob Larson, click here for bio

Program: Market Line
Date: October 13, 2017

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This is Bob Larson with the Market Line Report for Friday, October 13th. The cattle market takes a hit on Thursday. With more from the floor of the CME in Chicago, here’s Joe Vaclavik ...

Joe Vaclavik ... “Live cattle market was sharply lower here on Thursday following a string of higher closes. So, a little bit of a set-back here following what had been a multi-week rally in this live cattle market, just a little bit of a corrective set-back. I’m not ready to say that the party is over just yet, but we did set-back here a little bit. Cash cattle market has not seen a lot of action yet this week. We had some light cleanup trade Monday at the $110 price, I believe. We did not see any cash cattle exchange hands on the electronic fed cattle exchange yesterday. We did hear some rumors today, however, of some stronger bids in the south, I believe. So, we’re going to wait and see what this cash market does, but for the moment the market taking kind of a breather.”

Chicago Dec Wheat prices closed yesterday dn 2 ¾ at 430 ¾

December corn was up 3 at 348 ¾

Portland prices for soft white wheat of Ordinary Protein for October ended the day dn 2 ¾ ranging from 5-05 ½ to 5-31 Hard Red Winter wheat with 11 ½ % protein, prices for October were dn 2 ranging from 5-26 ¼ to 5-91 ¼ DNS wheat with 14 % protein, prices for October were dn 7 ¾ ranging from 7-21 ¼ to 7-41 ¼

Live Cattle for Oct were dn $1.42 ½ at 112.57 ½ October Feeder cattle are dn $.60 to 153.62 ½ October Class III milk was dn .01 cents at 16.70

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