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David Sparks Ph.d 2-8 NWR More Snow
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Northwest Report
Date: February 08, 2017

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This is your Northwest report for Wednesday, February 8 I’m David Sparks and I'm pleading with you not to shoot the messenger. Yesterday, I said that several meteorologists/climatologists had said the precipitation was ending only to wake up this morning and find out the Idaho have been slammed with extremely heavy, wet snow fall which certainly didn’t help the situation. "This is a list that the assessor’s office has put together as they have assessed building damage and on these five sheets there are 99 buildings and they brought another whole handful of them that will be added to this yesterday. A big share of these buildings are agricultural like onion sheds and processing facilities. There are some carports, lots of hay sheds out in the country but this event we have had here has just been catastrophic to our County.” That was Washington County, Idaho Commissioner Kirk Chandler. I know Malheur County in Oregon has also been hit badly.

And if you watched the Super Bowl, you were probably stunned by the come back by the New England Patriots in the second half of the game. More stunning news from the world of football. Remember Steve Sarkisian, former coach of the University of Washington Huskies went on to join up with the University of Alabama has their offensive coordinator. That stint lasted one game inasmuch as Sarkisian has been named the offense of coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons less than 24 hours after Kyle Shanahan, former Falcon offensive coordinator, left to become head coach of the San Francisco 49ers.

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