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David Sparks Ph.D. 3-17 NWR Budget Blueprint
by David Sparks Ph.D., click here for bio

Program: Northwest Report
Date: March 17, 2017

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This is your Northwest report for Friday, March 17 I’m David Sparks and Northwest politicians have received the release of President Trump’s Budget Blueprint. I called Idaho Republican Congressman Mike Simpson’s spokesperson Nikki Wallace for his reaction.  

“The Administration’s budget blueprint has given us a sense of what President Trump’s priorities will be in the coming fiscal year. I look forward to receiving the full budget soon so that Congress can get to work and get back to regular order in our budget and appropriations process. Once we receive the full budget, our subcommittee will do what it does every year; it will scrutinize the request and hold hearings with administration officials to inform our line-by-line funding decisions. The power of the purse ultimately lies with Congress, and it is Congress that will need to strike the balance between cutting unnecessary programs and protecting vital ones that foster economic growth and increase national security.”


U.S. Grains Council leaders traveled to Mexico this week to hear customer concerns about the state of trade relations between the two countries and offer reassurances about U.S. grains producers’ dedication to their market.

In meetings with top grain importers and government officials, the group focused on the importance of the U.S.-Mexico trading relationship to the U.S. farmers and grain traders who make up USGC’s membership.

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