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KayDee Gilkey Food Truths From Farm to Table Continuing Conversation
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: May 17, 2017

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With only 1.5 percent of our U.S. population actively involved on farms and ranches today, many consumers don't have direct experience or knowledge of where their food comes from. Professional speaker and author Michele Payn provides 25 different food truths for consumers in her second book Food Truths from Farm to Table.

Payn: “Probably one of the most common misconceptions is about Food Truth #5 Organic Farming is About Production Methods, Not Nutritional Value. To be clear, I do have organic producers in my book that are sharing their story side-by-side with folks that are conventional producers who is GMOS. So that is a fun one another fun one is Genes Are the Coolest Ingredient on Your Plate, which is Food Truth #10. I particularly like that one because I think it is amazing what genetics does in food production and we should be celebrating that, not condemning it.”

Payn says that mutual respect is critical for meaningful conversation between food producers and consumers.

Payn: “My perspective is this you have a right to choose to farm as you see fit and I have the right to buy food as I best see fit for my family — and one should not overpower the other. So really that mutual respect and having a civil conversation starts with a curiosity to ask questions and have an open mind to what you hear around the food plate — dietitians, consumers, chefs and the like. And then perhaps respond accordingly to have a conversation instead of trying to hammer people with education.”

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