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David Sparks, Ph.D. 3-21 SS Lazy Bear Ranch
by David Sparks, Ph.D., click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: March 21, 2011

  Hi everybody welcome to sportsman spotlight on David Sparks and you might enjoy pheasant hunting with Tim Wrightman. Does the 1985 Super Bowl Bears-Patriots game ring a bell? That’s next. I’ve been in business for about five or six years, I do day hunts for pheasants out of Weiser, ID. I have 180 acres of prime pheasant habitat, I created it all myself and I bring guys out for date pheasant hunts. I do supplemental hugs because I have a lot of wild birds out there so for every hunter that comes out there I put out six rooster pheasant. There’s no limit as to the number they can shoot and there’s residual birds from other hunters that have been left out there and I have a good healthy wild bird population so even though there are only six that are put out they can harvest more. I surveyed great lunch, I have awesome facilities, I have a great clubhouse, we come back and have lunch, so we have a great time. Since I’m a football player that’s how I got the name of my ranch. First I played at UCLA so I was a Bruin,  then I played for the Chicago Bears, and now I’m a lazy bear  and so the name of the ranch is the Lazy Bear Ranch. I try to break it up into two halves. We put out birds in morning, we can’t, we come in for lunch, and then go out in the afternoon. Our hours of operation are from 10:30 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon. So people get to come out and hunt with a guy won the Super Bowl in 1985 with the Fridge, Singltary,  McMahon and Walter Payton. That’s right, yeah.


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