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David Sparks, Ph.D. 4-4 SS At the Movies
by David Sparks, Ph.D., click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: April 04, 2011

 You know we normally feature expert fly fisherman, outdoorsman and all around good guy Josh Mills in the role of giving advice regarding hunting and fishing. Who would’ve thunk it? Now he’s the Roger Ebert of the outdoors. “We’re all sitting around in the middle of winter and getting restless sitting  around indoors and our favorite outdoor activities can be curtailed because of flooding rivers, big snowstorms, and I want to suggest something that will raise the hackles on your neck with some unbelievable cinematography. Coming up around the United States this late spring is what is called the fly fishing film tour. If you are familiar with Warren Miller’s endeavors then this is very similar only everything has to do with fly fishing. Some of the really up and coming film makers are putting out outdoor films in terms of only flyfishing but going across the globe. Usually they have in the neighborhood of 5 to 10 different films lasting between an hour and a half and two hours. You would be blown away by the amazing footage. In recent years there have been films from Mongolia chasing the world’s largest salmoninoid. You will always see something tropical like going after bone fish or tarpon. There is one where there is a guy and I don’t know where it is but he’s catching a 100 pound tarpon in a float tube in some Third World country. We are talking amazing HD and you walk out of there with your mouth a gap. You’re wanting to go fish and you’re planning your next seven tropical destinations because of what you’ve seen. It’s absolutely tremendous stuff.

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