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Matt Rice Ice Fishing Set Up
by Matt Rice, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: February 08, 2017

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This winter has been quite a treat for ice fishers all around the west with frigid temperatures, creating the perfect conditions to get out on the ice. I wanted to find out what guys and gals are using this year out on the lakes, so I called up sales associate Marcus with Sportsman Warehouse to get his Intel on the different pole sizes and specs.

Marcus “Mostly they use a very short rod, 22 inch to 24 inch rods are not uncommon, some guys even though shorter than that, and very compact, very lightweight packages, you know rod reel combos. The reason for that is that it is hard to fish through a hole in the ice with a long rod and land a fish properly without cutting your line on the ice. They just stand over the whole and jig their worm and marshmallow but there are also jig heads tipped with a maggot, there are a lot of things that guys do. Meal worms, some guys use something called a waxy, the jig and wrap made by Wrapola, it’s just a lure by itself that you jig. If you don’t have success you drill another hole and move around until you have success. You are allowed 5 rods in the state of Idaho so you can put out 5 setups and have 5 different holes going all at once.”

Sportsman Warehouse also has some great deals on pop up ice fishing huts. If you haven’t tried one out, believe me they’re well worth it especially on those awful windy days.

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