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Tommy Allen Ethical Shed Hunting
by Tommy Allen, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: February 14, 2017

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With this year’s extreme winter weather already playing an effect on the health of our wildlife herds, Here is Susan with a report from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife managers advise the public to be responsible and ethical around wintering wildlife, especially while collecting shed antlers late in the cold weather season. Officers are concerned about the growing number of collectors looking for sheds in closed areas, or pressuring big game while the animals are struggling to survive winter conditions.

While shed antler hunting is allowed in most of Colorado, wildlife officers say they have received reports of several unethical collectors entering restricted areas. A few have been seen chasing deer and elk in hopes the startled animals drop their antlers. Officers have ticketed several shed hunters for harassing wildlife this year.

"We are asking folks that want to hunt for sheds, that they do it in an ethical and legal manner and only in areas where it is allowed," said Area Wildlife Manager Perry Will of Glenwood Springs. "We ask that you do not let dogs off leash to chase wildlife, trespass, go off-trail, harass animals with an OHV, or violate closures. If you do, we will enforce our laws and issue citations."

Thank you Susan for that report. Weather your shed hunting, Mushroom hunting, Salomon fishing in a hog line, or big game hunting, it is always important to be an ethical sportsman in the field.

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