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Matt Rice Steelhead Update
by Matt Rice, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: February 28, 2017

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Winter is still here and so are the steelhead. Yesterday I got the opportunity to get on the phone with Kolby Lewis, fishing and hunting guide on the west side of Oregon to hear what’s going on with the steelhead run this time of year.

Kolby “Fishing season has been going pretty good, when we can get out. With that weather that we’ve been having, you know it’s been tuff. The rivers have been running high and muddy, blown out and so when they’re fishable the fishing remains pretty darn good. They got a report of the very first springer caught on the Willamette River, so guys will kind of start switching gears and heading over to spring chinook on the Columbia and Willamette River the end of March and then it’s just coastal spring salmon after that in May and June. It’s been a pretty rough year as far as getting out on the water, but when the water kind of comes down and it clears up those rivers are just full of fish. Winter steelhead season should be strong until, middle of April is when it kind of starts winding down but the whole month of March is a really great month.”

So, Kolby if I’m in search of steelhead or maybe some spring salmon, how do I find you?

“Look me up on Facebook, Lewis Outdoors or Instagram or my website at www.lewisoutdoors.com as well.”

Well Kolby, I appreciate all the updates on the spring fishing. Don’t forget, check him out online at Lewis Outdoors.com

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