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David Sparks Ph.d Red Stag in New Zealand
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: April 10, 2017

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Last week I told you about good friend Dave Ingraham whose girlfriend Tennille gave him a hunting trip to New Zealand for his 50th birthday. After a very long flight out of San Francisco they landed on the South Island and we pick it up from there. “Got picked up by one of the guides. He took us on a 2 hour drive heading north on the South Island to a town where the mountains meet the ocean. The countryside is absolutely beautiful. They had two rooms up above the lodge where we stayed. And from the two units you can see the ocean. What about the adventure of the hunt itself? We left, got to a spot, started glassing. Looked at a bunch of red stag. Lots of them. There is no question that there was an abundance of animals to pick from. I'm archery hunting. 50 yards, I'm comfortable. I practiced for months and I felt pretty good about 60 yards but inside of 50, much better. We kept side hilling into the wind. We glass an enormous stag. This is a trophy. Were glassing across a field and pasture and behind that is the slope of the hill with all the brush and everything else, so we work our way around out of sight onto this stag. We get 80 to 100 yards and Hayden, the guide says we are going to close the gap. So we start working in and… will finish the story next episode.

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