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David Sparks Ph.d The Kill
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: April 11, 2017

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Yesterday, Dave Ingraham and girlfriend Tenille had spotted a red stag as they were bow hunting in New Zealand. “We glass an enormous stag. This is a trophy. Were glassing across a field and pasture and behind that is the slope of the hill with all the brush and everything else, so we work our way around out of sight onto this stag. We get 80 to 100 yards and Hayden, the guide says we are going to close the gap. So we start working in and, have to be careful. Now we are 50 yards. The guide is talking to me, he says let's go down, there is a draw, and then it came up. I figured if I got to that spot, I knew it would be perfect. So we kept scooching along and he let me get in front of him. I could see the stag, the rack is immense, I just kept scooching and scooching. Everything worked out, 33 yards, I range find him and now I’m locked and loaded and ready for my shot. I just kept moving closer, as close as I could get and then he stood up, bolted away from me a little bit, 33 yards, put it on him, let it go. I was a little high on my shot I would like to pin 6 inches lower but it was definitely a kill shot and we were all jacked up.

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