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David Sparks Ph.d Arctic Fox copy
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: July 28, 2017

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I ran into Denis Peirce at the Boise Sportsmen’s show. Denis is a lifelong angler who was introduced to fly fishing by his grandfather in the 1960s.    In the 1990s he changed careers and joined the fishing tackle industry.  He has been a sales rep, manufacturer and distributor in the fly industry and now, the inventor and manufacturer of the Arctic Fox.This fly series is used for trolling. It was inspired by the introduction of arctic fox fur as a widely available fly material in the 1990s. Previous streamer fly designs were primarily constructed with feathers. Feathers are built for flight which necessitates light dainty characteristics. By contrast, fur has evolved to protect the animal which in the case of fox fur resulted in a high tensile strength fiber. This fur is supple which allows it to move in the water like marabou and still stand up to minnow crushing hits from predator fish. Here’s Denis: “I developed a series of flies that I call Arctic Fox trolling flies. They are based on Arctic Fox fur because of the tensile strength. It is a white fur so you can dye it a lot of different colors and behind the action disk it just swims in the water.” Denis just mentioned the action disk which is something unbelievable in and of itself. In the meantime, his website is www.trollingflies.com

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