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David Sparks Ph.d Perfect Rifle
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: August 01, 2017

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Well it's August, and the full on hunting season is just around the corner. Got your rifle and scope all tuned up? If you are out on a limb, Field & Stream magazine is going to provide you with the Ultimate Guide to Hunting Rifles. Here is Senior Deputy Editor, Colin Kearns. Readers always ask, “What would Petzal shoot?” Here’s your answer. These are the rifles that work for him, and that will work for you. And because man cannot hunt with gun alone, he’s also provided specific cartridge and scope recommendations, by species— 16 North American species, that is—that will have you chasing everything from prairie dogs to grizzlies. People ask me: “You write about all these rifles, but what do you use?” Here it is. I’ve either owned (as in spent my own money for), or shot at great length, every one of them. I’ve also gotten to shoot a lot of junk over the years, some of it with very impressive price tags. Those guns are not here.

What is here are rifles that have worked for me, and that will work for you. Because you cannot hunt with a gun alone, I’ve also provided specific cartridge and scope recommendations, by species. And along with my top pick for each critter, I’ve offered a second choice based on value. This is mostly because my editors made me, but also because some of today’s low-cost rifles are astoundingly good.

You’ll notice I name some manufacturers multiple times. This is not an accident. There is no diversity for the sake of diversity on this list. There may be trigger words, however. These refer to triggers.


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