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David Sparks Ph.d Pakistan chuckers
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: September 07, 2017

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Brian King is a very serious bird hunter and while we were sitting around chatting about his exploits I learned something very interesting. “I grew up hunting with my dad and I have done it ever since. High desert, lots of rocks, gotta find water, make sure you have a four-wheel-drive, make sure you have a shovel and a jack with you and get ready to hike 10 miles. You better be in shape because you are going to work your butt off and that is half the fun of chucker hunting to is that you have to work so hard for them so when you finally get into them it is very rewarding. That’s because their flight pattern is to jump up into the air and then dive, correct? You will chase them up hill and get as close as you can get and they will trail off to one side and fly 500 yards straight down downhill. Smart birds, difficult, of course they are originally from Pakistan. That’s where they were imported from. I’m thinking that maybe in the 1950s they were introduced into the Eastern Oregon area and they thrived because the terrain is very similar to Pakistan.

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