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David Sparks Ph.d Mexico and Fishing
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: February 16, 2018

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Fishing in Cabo. I have several buddies who have been talking for months about going to Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas with their wives. I thought it was primarily to bathe in the sun and have cocktails. Little did I know that a big ocean fishing trip was planned. Here is Shane Jimenez. “It was my very first trip out deep sea fishing. We were in Cabo San Lucas and happened to get lucky and got a boat. We got up early and we hopped on this 33 foot twin diesel vessel and went out to sea and it started out pretty slow and then once we got out into the water a little ways, past the tip of Baja, all of the sudden we saw sailfish and Gabriel who is our guide essentially tried to bring this thing in with live bait and couldn’t quite get it so all of the sudden the excitement level went up pretty high and then it got quiet again for a while and the next thing you know we are into some Dorado which is mahi-mahi and those fish fight pretty good. They were probably three or 4 feet long, real crazy looking fish. We caught seven of those and then it got slow again and we started to feel the sea a little bit with three or 4 foot swells and so we were all pretty mellowed out for a while. Then we got into Oahu which is a really difficult fish to catch and the reason it is difficult to catch is that it’s teeth are razor sharp and usually when you catch an Oahu you don’t keep them because there razor sharp teeth cut the line. That was kind of a cool deal for us and we caught a 4 to 5 foot Oahu, a great tasting fish.

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