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David Sparks Ph.d How to choose a bow
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: April 04, 2018

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Tom from Sportsmans Warehouse continues his discussion about how he helps his clients find the right bow. “I would take you around the corner, we have a little shooting lane,I would show you proper technique, what to look for in your anchor points, muscle tension in your hand, how to cite in your bow, your windage on your left and right and then get our top pin as close to the dot. What we have is 12 yards so basically one and a half inches from center will get you close to 20 yards and then just help out by showing how you follow the arrow when you shoot with your sight so if you hit left of the target you can move your sight left and vice versa. Just walking through all the things that you need to know, things that will hurt and things that won’t. Any preference in terms of brand on bows and arrows? Not anymore. Everybody has pretty decent brands. That is why we have the little range, so you can test drive them. Usually I will set up two or three different bows for the shooter and set them to their draw length and the same draw weight and have them shoot multiple bows at the same time.

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