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David Sparks Ph.d Kryofit Cooling Sleeves
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: July 03, 2018

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Hey outdoorsmen, just because you are slogging along through the wilderness in hot weather doesn’t mean you have to expose yourself to heatstroke. I came across a product Designed to help reduce heat illness and boost performance and it’s called Kryofit Sport’s ice-cold compression sleeves. Here’s the inventor, Alan Brockway. Kryofit has revolutionized how athletes (and beyond) prevent injury from becoming overheated.

Designed to help reduce heat illness and boost performance, Kryofit Sport’s ice-cold compression sleeves are turning the athletic world on their heads and changing the status quo. For the first time, athletes can proactively reduce heat injury, and achieve measureable performance increases. Professional athletes from the NFL, AAA baseball, triathletes, UFC, volleyball, boxing, tennis, soccer, and hockey all see the benefit of this innovative solution. Amateur athletes including competitive runners, crossfit athletes, MMA fighters, boxers, and even casual weekend warriors simply looking to feel better while training have all given rave reviews.

Across all sport disciplines there are a variety of equipment to help prevent almost any injury except the #1 cause of hospitalizations and death: Heat Illness. This is generally treated AFTER the damage is done but do nothing to PREVENT it.

After much research and 15 years of medical experience, creator Alan Brockway invented Kryofit Sport, the world’s coolest athletic gear…literally. As an adult athlete, Brockway realized there was nothing to help keep him cool during his workouts. Furthermore, his research revealed that dangerous overheating is avoidable, can affect any athlete, and yet no options existed. So, Alan invented a solution.

Proactive cooling is taking dangerous overheating seriously. Athletes work hard for gains and deserve to compete at their best in any conditions. Kryofit Sport Targeted Thermal Support (TTS) sleeves help heat or cool the body, saving energy that can be used to boost athletic performance. This is achieved by directly cooling the wearer's blood rather than large muscle groups. This allows the athlete to "warm up" their muscles and joints AND keep cooler.

Kryofit Sport sleeves are clinically proven, cools for ~45 minutes over 8 cooling zones and are appropriate for ANY athlete, ANY age, ANY sport.

Go to kryofitsport.com and you’ll get an idea of what were talking about. Sleeves that you can put around your wrists, knees, neck and you can put them in your cooler or heat them and store them in a container that keeps them warm and you can change them as needed.

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