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David Sparks Ph.d Yellow-bellied marmot
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: August 07, 2018

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If you would like to do some target shooting on live animals, you might think about a yellow bellied marmot also known as the rock Chuck. Somebody who likes going after rock chuck’s on behalf of farmers is Ken Mills. “When I started doing this Chuck hunting, I was reading an article and it said five average sized chucks in a given amount of time will eat the same amount of food as a cow will like alfalfa and stuff like that. I have two hunts that I do. It’s this one here, this time of the year and then I go to South Dakota in the fall and get my deer meat. What weapons do you use for the rock chucks? One is a 17 HMR Marlin. I really like it. It is very good if you don’t have too bad a wind out to 150 yards. Then I’ve got the 222 and it reaches out very well. The furthest I ever killed a chuck was 566 yards. That was with that to 222. The 222 has a 50 grain bullet, the 6BR has a 70 grain bullet and it shoots a little bit faster, less than 100 ft./s. It’s better in the wind. The 17 is not a custom built rifle the only thing I had was a custom trigger.” Pretty good stuff from Ken who is 79 years old.

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