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David Sparks Ph.d Alaska brown bear
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: October 05, 2018

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Mark Albin’s brother in law found a trip to Alaska for brown bear and booked for Aug 2009. He flew up to Kenai, Alaska, met their guide and spent 10 days hunting for bear. Mark saw a 9 foot, 900 pound brown bear he wanted. The bear was in the river but moved behind some alder brush. Mark sighted in directly through the brush but his guide called him off because he thought the bear had moved. Mark said it looked like a Volkswagen sitting in the river and was behind the brush, but he took the guide’s instructions and didn’t shoot. The guide felt very badly about the whole incident and said that he would take Mark out in the future for no charge. Mark picks up the story: “When I went back up there we packed for 2 days and flew off to this little lake. We could hear and see bears across this lake, growling, you could hear them splashing and fishing. I will cut the next morning and it was beautiful. My guide, Mark, and his dad, who is also a guide, came along with us. We were sitting outside the tent and Tom was glassing around the lake. He came back in a hurry and said grab your gun, there is a nice bear across the lake. We load up, I get my gear, my backpack, my rifle and we get it in this raft and while we are rowing we see a very nice brown bear who walks out onto a gravel bar about 180 yards from us. is walking right toward us. I dropped to my knees on the bottom of the raft while it is walking towards us, now at about hundred and 160 yards, I get a position that I feel good about and then I pulled the trigger.” Mike now has a trophy in his den.

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