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David Sparks Ph.d Josh and Turkey 1
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: December 11, 2018

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Yesterday, regular contributor to the show Josh Mills was hunting a piece of private property north of Spokane for turkeys and finally found a few birds that were too far to shoot so he took a nap, woke up and then… “It was a nice fall day and I sat under a tree and waited for some birds to come to me, woke up 10 minutes later after nice little nap but then I decided to walk back and run into those other birds. I took a little different route. Went down a little logging road and all of a sudden about seventy to 80 yards away I saw a couple of turkeys. It was a flock of over 50 birds. I hit the deck as well as a 6 foot eight 280 pounder can and tried to get into my stealth mode. I called on my belly up to a tree to an intercept point and couldn’t believe my luck that it was actually going to happen. Birds are neurotic as is, and you never know quite exactly where they’re going to go because they zigzag constantly when they are walking. As they got a little closer I kept wondering which side of the tree they were going to go. I kept quiet and motionless and all of a sudden a bird is out at 30 yards. I raised my gun slowly, touched it off and to my shock and surprise I missed.

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