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David Sparks Ph.d Brown bites Brown
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: March 08, 2019

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Playing pickle ball with friend Mark Roby the other night when he tells me an outrageous story about flyfishing for Brown’s. We were out flyfishing on the Owyhee River and there was just one of those mayfly hatches. The water was just swarming with a carpet of mayflies and the fish were rising like crazy. We had the hatch matched so I was telling my buddy I was going to go one size bigger and see if they won't hit that, be opportunistic. So I put it one size up from what the hatch seemed to be and as soon as that fly in the water, bam I got a strike and it seemed like a flashy little fish and as I was pulling in the fish I went Oh man, the fish got me hooked on a rock or on a limb because my pole was bent over double. So I started walking to figure out how I could get it loose and all of a sudden the line is moving so I hollered at my buddy and said, hey it's a big fish. My buddy said that wasn't a big fish and I said look at this, and my pole is bent double. Now the line is moving up and down and I said there is a fish on there. I get him up to the top, he rolls a couple of times, a real nice fish, 20 inches plus. I finally rolled him into my buddies net and the minute that net hit the fish he let go. He had hit that small fish. He wasn't hooked, he didn't swallow it enough to hook them, but that net hit him and he let go of little fish and there he was, landed. We let him go after taking a picture of him and if my buddy hadn’t been there to see it, I couldn't tell the story.

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