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Program: The Agribusiness Update
Date: February 25, 2011

How Oregon Utilizes CRP. I’m Lacy Gray with Today’s Oregon Ag.


Federal programs that provide money to landowners to protect or enhance environmentally sensitive lands are popular with Oregon's producers. Oregon Department of Agriculture Director Katy Coba says that fits right in with the state's general environmental consciousness.

COBA:  Agriculture takes care of 17 million acres of land, I believe, in the State of Oregon. That's a lot of land. As I always say, if you didn't have a farmer or rancher out there taking care of that land, who would be? It certainly wouldn't be government, not in this day and age.

More than 22-hundred Oregon farms have CRP contracts. ODA's Ray Jaindl (JAN-dull) says more than a half million acres of would-be crop land is now in CRP.

JAINDL:  These programs recognize that by taking land out of production to maintain some environmental benefit that society wants, does cost operators money in that they are not producing a crop while they are still paying taxes and maintaining that resource.

That's why nearly 27 million dollars in CRP rental payments are made to Oregon producers right now. Jaindl says the take home message to agricultural producers in Oregon is to get involved in these federal conservation programs if it makes economic sense.

JAINDL: There are opportunities out there that are good for the economy of the local rural community as well as the landowner. We encourage everyone to pursue them as much as possible because it is good for the environment.

That’s Today’s Oregon Ag. I’m Lacy Gray on the Ag Information Network.

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