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Bob Larson Delayed USDA Reports and New Green Deal
by Bob Larson, click here for bio

Program: The Agribusiness Update
Date: February 18, 2019

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From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with your Agribusiness Update.

**The markets absorbed an onslaught of information recently when USDA released the delayed and current WASDE numbers AND the Crop Production report.

Cornbelt Marketing’s Sam Hudson tells agweb.com his biggest takeaway is that the markets can do business without USDA information.

Despite the markets lack of USDA data for 35 days, Huber says this report was run of the mill and its business as usual.


**It’s called the “Green New Deal,” a plan to combat climate change by transforming the economy, including agriculture, and expanding renewable energy.

But the National Cattlemen’s Association’s Collin Woodall tells agrimarketing.com, U.S. beef producers are committed to sustainability, producing the same amount of beef with 33% fewer cattle, compared to 1977.

He says U.S. beef producers have one of the lowest carbon footprints of any industry, producing only 2% of ALL carbon emissions.

Drafted by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes of New York and Massachusetts’ Senator Ed Markey, the resolution urges farmers and ranchers to eliminate as much pollution and greenhouse gases as possible while still building a sustainable food supply.


**The Commerce Department has indicated the U.S. will withdraw from a previous agreement with Mexico and resume an anti-dumping investigation into imports of Mexican fresh tomatoes.

agrimarketing.com reports American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall says the renewed anti-dumping investigation against Mexican fresh tomato imports is necessary because Mexico was able to exploit the current agreement that bans artificially low prices and increase their market share.


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