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Bob Larson Maycumber Appointed to fill 7th District House Seat
by Bob Larson, click here for bio

Program: Washington State Farm Bureau Report
Date: February 08, 2017

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I’m Bob Larson. A game of Legislative Musical Chairs has ended quickly.

After Senator Brian Dansel left to accept an offer with the Trump Administration, 7th District Representative Shelly Short was tabbed to replace a day later and legislative assistant Jacquelin Maycumber was appointed the newest House member replacing Short …

JACQUELIN MAYCUMBER … “It’s been an honor. It’s been humbling. You realize where you come from and how it’s such an honor. The other day I was asked, “Why do you always take the stairs when you come in these eight years? You always walk through the middle of the rotunda, you never take the back stairs, you never take the elevators?” And, I walked up those stairs for eight years as a legislative assistant honored to be here and just assist and serve. And, I was able to walk those stairs today realizing, I’m serving in a different capacity and that is an honor.”

Maycumber says hers is a great district, strong, large and rich in natural resources …

JACQUELIN MAYCUMBVER … “The 7th District people are unlike any other people. We work for everything we have, from the beginning till the end! I was shaking someone’s hand the other day and I looked at my hands and I saw how wrinkled and calloused they were and I got a little self-conscious and then I realized, well they are calloused and wrinkled because I earned those callouses and wrinkles. And, everyone in the 7th District their dollar, their hard work, their land, their home, they’re hard working people and I want to make sure I represent that here.”

Wasting little time, Maycumber is writing a bill that would increase wildfire suppression in low-populated counties.

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