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Bob Larson Proposition 2 and Spokane Rail Pt 1
by Bob Larson, click here for bio

Program: Washington State Farm Bureau Report
Date: August 21, 2017

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I’m Bob Larson. Opponents of a ballot measure that would ban the transport of coal and oil by rail through the City of Spokane have launched their campaign. The Coalition to Protect Spokane’s Economy made it official Thursday with a push against Proposition 2, reflecting a range of support from labor, business, public safety and agricultural interests.

Better Spokane’s Michael Cathcart says the City Council is ignoring the advice of its own legal and policy advisers …

MICHAEL CATHCART … “You know, we’re really concerned about the city being distracted from some of the key priorities that we really need to be emphasizing as a community. And, we’ve seen it for a while. We see roads that are not well maintained. We see crime that is left somewhat unchecked. And, we see city council leaders and others in the city who are not necessarily focused on making Spokane the most attractive place for jobs to be created or to come to our community.”

The Machinist’s Union’s Steve Warren says backers of Prop 2 aren’t considering what makes the most sense for Spokane …

STEVE WARREN … “Now, family wage jobs are important, and all jobs are important, and the environment is important. But, we need to do this in a more constructive way not by misleading government or environmental control, but more along what’s practical and what really makes sense for Spokane and the community.”

Spokane Mayor David Condon dismissed the measure as illegal, noting that concerns about rail safety are best addressed at the federal level, not on municipal ballot measures.

Listen tomorrow for more on the legality of Prop 2 and the alternatives should voters approve it in November.

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