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Bob Larson Bayer 'Grow On' Campaign Pt 1
by Bob Larson, click here for bio

Program: Washington State Farm Bureau Report
Date: January 16, 2018

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I’m Bob Larson. I spent last week in Orlando, Florida with a couple thousand of my closest friends in the potato industry. Every facet of the potato world was represented at the 10th annual “Potato Expo” and educating the public on what growers do seemed to be a common theme.

Bayer Crop Science’s Monte Sorensen was there to talk about his company’s their “Grow On” campaign …

MONTE SORENSEN … “Grow On was a sustainability initiative put in place by Bayer to empower growers to feed people and steward the environment for future generations. And, what we are really trying to do was to provide a way for growers to better communicate the benefits of the products that we have and we decided to focus on six different areas: biodiversity, water, soil, greenhouse gases, labor, and food waste. Specifically, for potatoes, we focused on five of those. So, that would be biodiversity, water, soil, greenhouse gases, and labor.”

Sorensen says the message is two-fold …

MONTE SORENSEN … “One is, from a consumer’s standpoint, consumers want to know more about where their food’s coming from, what are the products being used, is it being raised sustainably. And then two, for the growers to be able to communicate to their stakeholders and producers on, these are the products that we’re using and this is why they’re not only good for us, but good for you.”

Sorensen says Grow On is aimed at education on improving plant health, biodiversity preservation, and farm safety.

Tune in tomorrow for more on our evolving growing industry and Bayer’s answer to that ever-changing environment.

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