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Bob Hoff 11/24/05 Enthusiasm for agriculture
by Bob Hoff, click here for bio

Program: Washington State Farm Bureau Report
Date: November 24, 2005

Washington Ag November 24, 2005 Want something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving?. How about the enthusiasm some young people have for the future of agriculture. People like Briana Kelley, Secretary of the Washington state FFA who recently attended her first national FFA convention which was held in Louisville, Kentucky.

Kelley: I have never seen so much enthusiasm out of youth in my life besides going to national convention. It is an amazing experience and agriculture, the future of it, is in good hands.

Jake Bredstrand, Washington state FFA president also attended the national convention, his fourth, where he says individuals or teams from Washington competed in all 27 competitive events.

Bredstrand: And we placed first in three events; ag communications, ag sales and marketing. We easily did the best out of all the states in the country. So we represented very well in the creative element events at national convention. We are very proud of all those teams.

Kelley plans to attend Washington State University and major in animal science with a career in either veterinary medicine or agricultural education. As for Bredstand:

Bredstrand: Just because of all the things Ive learned about the agricultural industry and my skills from the FFA I want to be involved on the leadership side. I hope to major in agricultural business and communications at Washington State University or Oregon State University.

Happy Thanksgiving. Im Bob Hoff.

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