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Bob Hoff 12/05/05 Senater on ag issues for legislature
by Bob Hoff, click here for bio

Program: Washington State Farm Bureau Report
Date: December 05, 2005

Washington Ag December 5, 2005 One of the most pressing issues for agriculture during this coming Januarys legislative session says State Senator Mark Schoesler is removing the state portion of the sales tax from dyed, or off-road diesel. The Ritzville Republican says it is the one thing lawmakers can do to help producers in every area that really need help. That tax is a percentage rather than a flat rate.

Schoesler: Government has profited from the run up in fuel prices. Producers dont mind paying their fair share of taxes but I dont think government should have a windfall at the hands of producers misfortune.

Schoesler expects to see lawmakers falling all over themselves to do something for biofuels.

Schoesler: I think incentives on the tax policy. Incentives from the state to finance plants are all real possibilities and I think will happen this coming session.

Schoesler is working on making it more of an incentive to same water in the Odessa Aquifer where the water table is dropping and irrigation wells are drying up.

Schoesler: We taking a real hard look working very closely with the department of Ecology to end relinquishment, or use it or lose as its known, in the Odessa Aquifer and I am optimistic that we can get there this session.

The State Senate begins prefiling bills today and the House begins prefiling December 20th.

Im Bob Hoff.

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