Program: Sportsman's Spotlight

Sportsmen's Spotlight is a new radio program that takes a look at all kinds of outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest.



  • Hog Hunt

    Amy recently thought that she would leave the state of Washington for Central California to go on a hog hunt.

  • Sorry Can't tell ya

    Data from mobile apps will unveil the habits of successful anglers.

  • Roosevelt hunt

    I grew up hunting Roosevelt elk.

  • Leave the Steelhead

    Something to consider if you are a passionate steelhead fisherman.

  • Banal Bainbridge

    Over the last 10 years I have heard so many of my friends that hunt complain bitterly about the what they observe to be depredation of elk by wolf packs .

  • Steelhead Bulldog

    Chris goes fishing.

  • Public Lands

    Josh Mills talks about the importance of public lands legislation.

  • Double Haul

    I ran into a flyfishing instructor who explains why the double haul is useful for adding distance to the cast.

  • Salt Water Casting Techniques

    Tennis playing buddy of mine Nick Koontz revealed his secrets about how to flyfish during salt water angling adventures.

  • Skin in the game

    One of Western Washington lawmaker's recently proposed a bill to completely ban the lethal removal of gray wolves.

  • Moose and Ticks

    I was on a hunting trip and I was talking to some of the guys with me and they told me that Moose are dying because of winter ticks.

  • Mortality rate of released fish

    Tim Higham had some thoughts about mortality rates in those fish being released.

  • Alaskan Dall Sheep Hunt 2

    We ended up spotting that full curl ram that he was looking for.

  • Alaskan Dall Sheep Hunt 1

    Alaskan fishing guide Patrick Kissel doesn’t restrict himself to work.

  • African Picture Safari

    Something exotic, possibly aquatic, to an outdoorsman certainly hypnotic, and hopefully not chaotic. African Safari by design.

  • Josh Smoked Fish

    Catch and maybe don’t release.

  • Barbed or barbless

    Anglers don’t expect to take home dinner when they practice catch-and-release fishing, but they might not be the only ones missing out on a meal.

  • Sellars' Elk

    Lance Sellars is an accomplished sportsman who really enjoys what the outdoors is all about.

  • Ball Troll

    Mack’s Lures is located is located in WENATCHEE, Washington and owner Bob Schmidt puts out some of the most innovative lures imaginable.

  • You and Yew

    You need to remember what Fish and game officials across the Northwest have told you about the Japanese yew. They are extremely toxic.

  • DU and Agronomy

    If you are wondering what in the world Ducks Unlimited is doing with a crop specialist, there's an easy answer

  • Archery Lion Hunt

    Lifelong archery hunter Dennis Dunn talks about the advantages he sees in using bare bows.

  • Swamp Rabbits

    Running rabbits in a swamp.

  • Hunt to Eat

    "Hunt To Eat" was inspired by the expression “Will Hunt for Food”.

  • Wackywalleye

    Dale Stroschein is a jack-of-all-trades and a master of walleye.

  • Bill Blackadar

    A river rafting, fishing and camping guide.

  • Gear Review

    An independent review of outdoorsman gear that Field& Stream magazine calls the best of 2018.


    HuntPost will debut the new marketplace at the Sportsman's expo in Denver, Colorado on January 10th through the 13th.

  • SS

    Highway 101 transverses over every steelhead bearing stream along the wild, crested Pacific.

  • Nick and Winston

    I met one of the top salt water flyfishermen in the world maybe twenty years ago named Winston Moore.

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