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Program: Sportsman's Spotlight

Sportsmen's Spotlight is a new radio program that takes a look at all kinds of outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest.



  • Getting Fired

    Patience is a virtue and with a hunter, or fisherman, it’s a must.

  • Play, Clean, Go Prevention

    We reach out to all outdoorsman and ask that they become very involved in conservation efforts.

  • Ethical Outfitters

    At least in one instance an outfitter who was trying to market his services was not exactly what he was cracked up to be.

  • National Fishing and Boating Week

    National Fishing and Boating Week.

  • Gabe and his dogs

    Chatting with good friend Gabe Rodriguez, I learned how he developed his passion for hunting wild pheasant.

  • Tommy's Bear Hunt

    Sportsman's Spotlight team member Tommy Allen made an interesting trade.

  • Play Clean Go

    Play Clean Go

  • Sun Mountain

    They call it luxury on the edge of the wilderness.

  • Faboo Thermos

    Not just a thermos but…

  • Tommy Skin Dives Hawaii

    Tommy Allen, told me about his experience skin diving and spearfishing during a vacation in Hawaii.

  • Gabe reflects

    Gabe Rodriguez reflecting back on his life experiences as an outdoorsman is very inspiring from the perspective of being an avid hunter.

  • Patience with Bears

    When it comes to hunting bears, I know it is controversial to use bait.

  • Carrying Out Scotty's Bear

    After getting a bear with his bow way out in the Idaho wilderness, Scotty Cyr had to get it back to his truck.

  • Kokabow Fishing Tackle

    I ran into Allan Greenhalgh of Kokabow Fishing Tackle LLC.

  • Fun with Permits

    During a conversation with seasoned salt water fisherman Nick Koontz, he asked to me if I knew anything about permit Fish.

  • Gabe in Illinois

    A grandpa who was a hunting mentor.

  • Alaskan Caribou Hunt

    Damon Bungard tells the story of an Alaskan caribou hunt with his father.

  • Orion Coolers

    Damon Bumgard is co-founder of Orion, a company that makes special outdoor coolers.

  • Source Outdoor

    Hey outdoorsmen, I have a website for you for commercial products.

  • Trespasser 3

    Idaho farmer Danny Walt has a serious pest on his farm and it’s not a rodent.

  • Trespasser 2

    Danny Walton served as the poster child for trespass laws.

  • Trespasser 1

    Hunters who do not ask permission to hunt on the farmers land

  • Scoot and Shoot

    A method of calling in wild turkeys where they actually just came running in to the caller looking for a fight.

  • Big Horn Pneumonia

    Big Horn sheep lovers always want to accuse domestic sheepherders and domestic sheep for spreading pneumonia to populations of big horns.

  • Burbot fish

    Burbot it's a secret of the deep.

  • Reel and Boot Review

    The Field & Stream team tested 41 new spinning and casting reels to uncover the longest-casting, hardest-working, best models of the season.

  • Brass Guys

    Lubricating your shell casing.

  • Steelhead DNA

    It's been a great mystery to get to know and understand is the life history of rainbow trout and steelhead.

  • Patience with Bears

    When it comes to hunting bears, I know it is controversial to use bait.


    You don’t become one of the top earners on the professional bass circuit by accident.

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