Program: Sportsman's Spotlight

Sportsmen's Spotlight is a new radio program that takes a look at all kinds of outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest.



  • Uplanders

    The Uplanders

  • Hunting-Camp Gear Field Test

    Hunting-Camp Gear Field Test

  • Shooting Competition

    I had a conversation with someone from an organization for which I have the most profound respect and that is Ducks Unlimited.

  • Missed Rooster

    A missed rooster.

  • POV

    If you want to capture your hunting or fishing trip in perpetuity, then you might want to think about the Solvid system.


    Style out and let your buddies know where you have been fishing or hunting.

  • Shoot-but don't shoot

    Two trophy hunters from the US who hunted a wild goat on the Scottish island of Islay.

  • Whitetail History

    The hunting season has begun that’s for sure and so many American hunters head out to the wilderness in search of Whitetail deer.

  • Locking Horns

    Sportsmen’s Spotlight team member, Tommy Allen, and his brother-in-law went deer hunting.

  • CRP and Pheasant

    CRP and Pheasant

  • Public Lands

    The recently proposed Homestead Act aims to transfer 640 million acres of America’s public lands to state control,

  • Catch and Release

    Anglers don’t expect to take home dinner when they practice catch-and-release fishing, but they might not be the only ones missing out on a meal.

  • Caribou Meat

    Caribou hunt up in Alaska.

  • Public Lands Transfer

    A look at public lands transfer.

  • So-Cal Lady Fisherwomen

    Ladies, if you’d like to go deep sea fishing and compete against other women, I have found the perfect spot.

  • Dennis Dunn Compound Bow

    Dennis Dunn is a highly experienced archer.

  • Best Days of the Whitetail Deer Rut

    Best Days of the Whitetail Deer Rut

  • Catch and Release

    Catch-and-release fishing.

  • Public Lands Legislation

    Josh Mills talks about the political conundrum of public lands.

  • Eddy's Deer

    I visited Winterhawk Outfitters in western Colorado's Flat Tops Wilderness.

  • UpFront Outfitters

    If you think you want to be an outdoor guide or outfitter you might want to hear the story coming from old friend Mike Jenkins of Upfront Outfitters.

  • The Doodles

    Brian King loves to bird hunt and a large measure of his passion resides with his dogs which are poodle pointers.

  • Josh fishes wit his Dad

    Josh Mills goes steelhead fishing with his dad on his birthday.

  • Track Chair

    Josh Mills called me with a great story regarding the Northwest Sportsmen’s Club out of Spokane, Washington.

  • Alaska brown bear

    Mark Albin’s brother in law found a trip to Alaska for brown bear

  • Insect repellant

    A new non-toxic insect repellent.

  • Fishing Barents Sea

    How would you like to go fishing in an exotic place?

  • 3 Generations

    Craig Clark has a wonderful story and wonderful memories, both from the past, hunting with his father and for the future, hunting with his son.

  • Field Test

    2018 Shooter’s Gear Guide

  • Bill Blackadar

    I ran into old hockey buddy Bill Blackadar who is presently a wild fish biologist.

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