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Program: Sportsman's Spotlight

Sportsmen's Spotlight is a new radio program that takes a look at all kinds of outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest.



  • Jackson Kayak

    I was a kayaking junkie and met Eric Jackson, president of Jackson kayaks when I was in college.

  • Color Blind Glasses

    Dr. Mark Changizi’s a neuroscientist and vision expert who created color correcting glasses forPeople suffering red-green color blindness.

  • Big horns euthanized

    I got a press release from Mike Demick, Idaho Fish & Game Information Supervisor, saying that two big horns had to be euthanized after contacting domestic sheep in Challis, Idaho.

  • Fire Bugs

    Larval stages of the chironomid midge can be found in almost any aquatic habitat.

  • Calling in Toms

    There was an article in Field and Stream entitled Angry Birds where a turkey caller produces yups in such a way as to make Tom's in the area fighting mad.

  • The Kill

    Yesterday, Dave Ingraham and girlfriend Tenille had spotted a red stag as they were bow hunting in New Zealand.

  • Red Stag in New Zealand

    Last week I told you about good friend Dave Ingraham whose girlfriend Tennille gave him a hunting trip to New Zealand for his 50th birthday.

  • New Zealand

    Dave Ingraham’s a good buddy of mine who has four passions. Hockey, hunting, fishing and his girlfriend Tenille Lambert.

  • Spring Activities

    As the magazine Field & Stream has pointed out , after a long winter, we could all use some adventure.

  • Bear Hunt

    With spring comes bear season.

  • Our Two Hands

    On April 27 fishing expert and enthusiast Josh Mills will be holding a big movie premiere and fund raiser for the Wild Steelhead Coalition in Spokane.

  • Pulley System

    Pack-A-Pull  is a pulley system specifically designed with backpackers and backpack hunters in mind.

  • 2nd Amendment

    Simpson Supports Bill to Protect 2nd Amendment for Veterans

  • Angry Birds

    Getting toms angry.

  • Turkey Load

    I talked with a guy who was been on several times before, Sportsmen's Warehouse Sales Associate Tom Hahn about turkey hunting.

  • Trapper

    I ran into Patrick Carney Idaho Trappers Association.

  • Back Country Hunters

    There is a great event for anybody who was really into conservation, public land use advocacy, and things of that nature.

  • Pre-season Bow Check

    It’s one of the most frustrating things that can happen to an archery hunter. You put in hours and hours of practice and you finally get the opportunity you’ve been waiting so long for

  • Top 2017 Bows

    In this new era of technology there are tons of topnotch quality bows. I thought we would take the time to cover some of 2017’s top bows according to a recent article from “Field and stream” in Alphabetical order.

  • Spring Walleye

    Spring walleye season is here according to Mark, sales associate in the fishing department at Sportsman’s Warehouse.

  • The Ticks Are Out

    If you’re like me these little guys will make you cringe. That’s right, there’s nothing worse than finding a big fat juicy tick on the side of your dog. The other day I got our local veterinarian on the phone to answer a few questions about tick prevention.

  • Officials Are Looking For Questions

    Congressman Dan Newhouse shares his concerns about artificially reintroducing a grizzly bear population.

  • Spring Turkey is Near

    Do your Pre-Season Scouting, learn their pattern

    Figure out where the likable Roosts are.

    Invest in a nice decoy or two

    Know your shot gun pattern. Some guns pattern different with differ brands or shot size.

    Also know your effective range.

  • Free Fishing In Oregon

    The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife invites Oregon families to come fishing at one of 28 free Family Fishing events scheduled throughout the state this spring and summer.

    The season will kick off April 1 (no joke) at Canby Pond and events will continue almost weekly into the summer.

  • Wi-fi Traegers

    If you’re tired of burning fish on the BBQ, I’ve got a solution for you. Swing down to your local Sportsman Warehouse, and check out their new smokers. Here’s Bryan with a little more information, on his new Traegers.

  • Meat manifesto

    Outdoor Life Chief Editor Andrew McKean talked with me recently about what he calls the “meat manifesto”.

  • Columbia-Snake River Irrigators

    In a year when juvenile fish transport should have been maximized (and called for under the BiOp), fish transport numbers were reduced to an all-time low, with only 13% transport. River

  • Salmon Numbers Have Plummeted

    Management Biologist Daniel Teske said “ the problem is in the ocean, not the rivers where kings spawn and hatch.”

  • Top Shelf Ammo

    Does your ammo really make that much of a difference with deer?

  • New Bill Passed

    A new Bill passed that sounds like good news for elk hunters and ranchers.

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