Program: Sportsman's Spotlight

Sportsmen's Spotlight is a new radio program that takes a look at all kinds of outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest.



  • 11-24 SS Burnett Bat

    When you go fly fishing for a rainbow, or a brown or steelhead, you have one thing and only one thing in mind. That would be catching a fish, right?

  • 11-23 SS Rod's Special Rods

    What goes into building a fishing rod that anybody would be thrilled to receive or anybody would be proud to give as a Christmas gift?

  • 11-22 SS Jody's Short Hair

    A German shorthair who doesn’t get it.

  • 11-21 SS Tri-Lab

    Pointing labs who point at Quail in the Okanogan Valley.

  • 11-18 SS Randy and Magazine

    There is a magazine that is more Oregon and Washington based and it is called Northwest Sportsman’s Magazine.

  • 11-17 SS Blacktail Archery

    Black tail archery season in Oregon. Some suggestions.

  • 11-16 SS Wolf Pressure

    They were on the endangered species list but they shouldn’t be any longer.

  • 11-15 SS DENNIS & DR.

    At least 20 reasons why you should go hunting for pheasant.

  • 11-14 SS Ducks Unlimited

    A day in the life of a Ducks Unlimited volunteer.

  • 11-11 SS Turkey Calls

    Hey turkey hunters. What’s your philosophical stance when it comes to calling in Tom’s?

  • 11-10 SS Patriotic Deer

    How can a deer hunting story be patriotic and touching?

  • 11-9 SS Wolves and Bears

    Is the wolf thing real?

  • 11-8 SS Listen and Learn

    One of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to almost anything in the outdoors is our ubiquitous and frequent guest, Mr. Josh Mills.

  • 11-7 SS Strike Zone

    If ling cod and rockfishing sound good to you you can still go fishing with one caveat… weather permitting.

  • 11-4 SS Shark

    Dawn Raider ' was fishing for dogfish when this Great White was hooked in the mouth.

  • 11-3 SS Goey Calls

    Goey Hunting Calls is a company with the two backgrounds necessary to build quality sounding and reliable hunting calls.

  • 11-2 SS Black Death

    Bringing a Cape Buffalo to a dead stop.

  • 11-1 SS Kid Hunters

    With the world of electronics, computers, video games, etc., it gets a little tough to motivate your children to get out there in the great outdoors with you.

  • 10-31 SS Snake Creek Outfitters

    Wild pheasant and ducks by the thousands.

  • 10-28 SS Fall Brown

    Well it is fall and hunting season has begun so you may be thinking trout season is over. Not so says Josh Mills.

  • 10-27 SS Guide Finder

    I was looking for ocean fishing guides to give you a tip on who might take you out off the coast of either Washington or Oregon.

  • 10-26 SS Bryan & Sheep 2

    Happening upon a Rocky Mountain big horn ram while hiking in the far North reaches of the Rocky Mountain range in North British Columbia.

  • 10-25 SS Bryan & Sheep 1

    An absolutely jaw-dropping story of a Big Horn sheep hunt way up in the most northern reach of the rugged Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, Canada.

  • 10-24 SS Bass Pro Conservation

    Bass Pro Shops and conservation.

  • 10-21 SS Wolf Response

    I got an e-mail from Ramona Phillips regarding a story that I had recently aired concerning her battle with wolves attacking her livestock

  • 10-20 SS Bear Attack

    Something hunters have to be very aware of when they are out in the wilderness hunting.

  • 10-19 SS DJ Bull

    DJ Trahan gets monster elk.

  • 10-18 SS About Catfish

    What do we know about catfish?

  • 10-17 SS Huge Steehead

    Are steelhead on the Clearwater any different than any other place?

  • 10-14 SS Elk on a Cliff

    What does a bull elk do when it’s got its back against a… can’t give it away, we’ll do that in a minute.

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