Program: Sportsman's Spotlight

Sportsmen's Spotlight is a new radio program that takes a look at all kinds of outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest.



  • 8-19 SS Royal Hunt Club

    Hunt 25,000 private acres of farmland in Royal City, Washington.

  • 8-18 SS Oregon Geese

    There is a nifty program in Oregon, nifty that is if you are a hunter, and it is called the Open Fields program.

  • 8-17 SS Mic's Angler

    Mic’s Angler Adventures is a private charter operator that goes out of Umatilla and works the Columbia River.

  • 8-16 SS Tom Carvings

    You were just listening to the story of Tom Dean, an avid fly fisherman from Great Falls, MT.

  • 8-15 SS Stolen Dogs

    I have a stolen hunting dogs story for you.

  • 8-12 SS Van Riper’s Resort

    Sekiu is a waterfront community located on a quiet bay at the Northwest tip of the Olympic Peninsula on the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

  • 8-11 SS Bordello

    Ted Fry talked to me the other day about a very non-traditional archery shop in Boise with a non-traditional owner.

  • 8-10 SS Big Birds

    In our northern area we get the 1st crack at the migratory birds.

  • 8-9 SS Primitive Archery Season

    Ted Fry, knows just about everything there is to know about archery including when seasons open and how to prepare.

  • 8-8 SS High Water Return

    High water hope!

  • 8-5 SS Red's Horseback

    Remote Creek Fishing on Horseback, Hot Dry Flies, and Used Drift Boats...

  • 8-4 SS Overlining

    A principal called over-lining makes great sense in flyfishing.

  • 8-3 SS Dog Show

    I have a competition that makes a lot of sense for people who want to look at hunting dogs.

  • 8-2 SS Bangs Bear Scare

    A tale from Rasberry Island in Alaska.

  • 8-1 SS Sekiu Salmon

    Right now the Chinook opportunity is excellent.

  • 7-29 SS Mike Babcock Hunts

    Stanley cups and hunting big-game come together.

  • 7-28 SS Spinone

    I have found the perfect dog. Great with families, even babies, and that dog can hunt.

  • 7-27 SS Lethal IHNV

    A virus that is found in Northwest freshwaters that could be deadly to steelhead, rainbows Brown’s, cutthroat and salmon.

  • 7-26 SS Etiquette

    Not to go all high toned on you, but there is such a thing as good manners, respect, etiquette when it comes to your favorite fishing spot.

  • 7-25 SS B'Tech Assasin

    If you would like to get into the world of archery and don’t want to spend a fortune on your bow, while at the same time desiring to have a bow that will really perform, I might have an answer for you.

  • 7-22 SS Oregon Wolves 2

    Ranchers and outdoorsmen certainly have one thing in common: a desire to see wolves delisted.

  • 7-21 SS Oregon Wolves

    The outrage and frustration on the part of cattlemen and sportsmen in Oregon should be palpable. The issue? No wolf hunts.

  • 7-20 SS Tommy Short Hair

    How do you pick out the perfect hunting dog? Complicated process, but I have some thoughts from an expert.

  • 7-19 SS IHNV Trout

    Managers at Wallowa Hatchery recently euthanized 42,000 legal-sized rainbow trout.

  • 7-18 SS Invasion CPX

    Killer Bow, Killer Price, Killer Speed.

  • 7-15 SS Wings and More

    There is the hunt but as we all know, the camaraderie, the fellowship, is icing on the cake.

  • 7-14 SS Stone Fly Inn

    There is fly fishing in Montana and then there’s fly fishing in Montana.

  • 7-13 SS Strike Zone

    Individualized charter fishing for salmon in Oregon.

  • 7-12 SS B'tech Binary Cm

    Interested in knowing what a binary cam system is?

  • 7-11 SS Diamond Single Cam

    A new, patent pending Throttle Cam Tech gives Diamond Archery’s line-up one of the fastest single cams on the market!

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