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Program: Sportsman's Spotlight

Sportsmen's Spotlight is a new radio program that takes a look at all kinds of outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest.



  • 5-23 SS Bear Danger

    Bear hunters beware.

  • 5-20 SS Wolf Hunt

    Wolf hunt on.

  • 5-19 SS Spring Fishing

    Coming off the winter snowpack rivers may be raging with freezing waters.

  • 5-17 SS Ed Retires

    Ed “the Wolfman” Bangs announced his retirement.

  • 5-16 SS Kid's Turkey

    Dave Enwards and his 10-year-old son Jace go turkey hunting.

  • 5-13 SS Skwala 2

    I did a Google search the other day and I said what is a skwala… just for fun.

  • 5-12 SS Skwala 1

    The Skwala Stonefly makes an emergence on rivers in the Northwest in early spring.

  • 5-11 SS Finding Wild Pigs

    Today Bill has some tips about selecting locations for hunting wild pigs.

  • 5-10 SS Argentina

    Bob Angell has hunted all over the world. Bob will tell you flat-out that when it comes to wing shooting one of his favorite places in the world is Argentina.

  • 5-9 SS Chuckar Sandwich

    Last week we talked to Christopher Claunch and he told us how much he loved chucker hunting.

  • 5-6 SS Youth

    Skills Day on Saturday, May 7th, at Beaver Dick Park on Highway 33. The entire event is free and open to the whole family.

  • 5-5 SS Afternoon Turkeys

    Turkey hunting tradition may not have to be as restricted as you might think.

  • 5-4 SS 250 Dead Elk

    Elk die after gorging on winter wheat.

  • 5-3 SS Chuckar Chris

    Chris Claunch is a five-star cook and an avid chuckar hunter.

  • 5-2 SS Bear Behavior

    Not long ago, Dr. Stephen Herrero, one of the most knowledgeable people in the world on bear attacks on humans, gave a seminar on their behavior in Jackson Wyoming.

  • 4-29 SS Spring Trout

    Our fly fishing genius, Josh Mills, recently called me with some great advice for those of you who want to go trout fishing on lake’s this spring.

  • 4-28 SS Rob's Turkey's 2

    Yesterday we heard from Rob that he and his uncle hunted turkey like big game: scope and stalk.

  • 4-27 SS Odd Turkey Hunt

    A turkey hunt that is not conducted in the traditional turkey hunt mode.

  • 4-26 SS NW Pigs 2

    Wild boar Hunting in Oregon, Idaho and who knows where else in the great North West.

  • 4-25 SS NW Pigs

    Wild pigs have made their way into Oregon, Idaho and who knows where else.

  • 4-22 SS Steelhead

    Fly fishing for steelhead.

  • 4-21 SS KJ Guides

    Karl Johansson runs a guiding service not surprisingly called KJ Guides and Outfitters which is located way up in the middle of nowhere.

  • 4-20 SS Simpson on Wolves

    Congressman Simpson wants hunting of wolves.

  • 4-19 SS Otter on Wolves

    Will we or will we not ever be able to hunt wolves in the Northwest?

  • 4-18 SS Ducks

    Several national and Montana sportsmen groups were deeply concerned about proposed funding cuts to conservation and wildlife management .

  • 4-15 SS Griz Recovery

    Grizzly bear recovery in the contiguous United States and adjacent Canadian Provinces is improving.

  • 4-14 SS Wallets

    Josh Mills found something very unusual .

  • 4-13 SS Taxidermist

    Making beautiful memories out of your trophies

  • 4-12 SS Sage Grouse

    The Sage-Grouse Initiative helps pay for putting specific conservation practices in place that will improve sage-grouse habitat or reduce threats to bird survival.

  • 4-11 SS Bears Emerging/Ad

    Bears are emerging in The Northwest

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