Program: Sportsman's Spotlight

Sportsmen's Spotlight is a new radio program that takes a look at all kinds of outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest.



  • 2-15 SS CA Turkeys

    Turkey hunting in March in California.

  • 2-14 SS Red Fish

    Red fish fishing down Louisianna way.

  • 2-11 SS Blogger

    Blogging through the wilderness. An interesting concept.

  • 2-10 SS Project Wild

    Using wildlife as a means to get across readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic.

  • 2-9 Buffalo 3

    Closing in on a monster Cape Buffalo in Tanzania.

  • 2-8 Buffalo 2

    Going after an African buffalo.

  • 2-7 Buffalo 1

    A buffalo hunt in Africa.

  • 2-4 SS Outdoor Boundaries

    If you’re a hunter or fisherman and you want to enjoy your sport legally…meaning not encroaching on somebody’s private property.

  • 2-3 SS Pheasant Forever

    Pheasants Forever has acquired a 2,700 acre ranch in the NW and will eventually be opened for public hunting and outdoor recreation.

  • 2-2 SS Josh Pix

    Strategic skills for taking great pictures of the fish you caught so the memory lives on.

  • 2-1 SS Grouse/Bow

    Regular guest Randy King hunts sage hens and selects from his line-up of bows.

  • 1-31 SS Grizzlies

    The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee is a multi-agency committee responsible for grizzly bear recovery in the continental United States and adjacent Canadian Provinces.

  • 1-28 SS Layout Blinds

    How do you make a goose blind?

  • 1-27 SS Elk Health

    How are the ungulates you’ll be hunting next fall doing this winter.

  • 1-26 SS Chinook Runs

    Chinook populations have been changing in recent years and I asked outdoor specialist Gabe Rostberg to explain some of the factors behind this.

  • 1-25 SS Duck Sense

    Duck hunting strategies that make sense and that work.

  • 1-24 SS Best Fly

    Some food for thought in terms of picking the right fly.

  • 1-21 SS Tracking Elk

    The Idaho Department of Fish & Game (IDFG) is working to make the public aware of a herd of 200-300 elk that have left the Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area.

  • 1-20 SS Gabe and Leaders

    Fishing mistake with Gabe.

  • 1-19 SS Lion 3

    Bob Angel hunts a lion.

  • 1-18 SS Lion 2

    Bob Angel hunts a lion.

  • 1-17 SS Lion 1

    Bob Angel has hunted all over the world and he takes his passion very seriously. What follows is an account of a lion hunt in Africa.

  • 1-13 SS River Monster

    According to our field reporter Tommy Allen you don't need to travel to some exotic location to hook a river monster.

  • 1-12 SS Cooking Duck

    We’re with corporate chef and avid hunter Randy King who eats everything he harvests gourmet style.

  • 1-11 SS Bird Banding 2

    Duck and geese hunters, you might be shooting banded birds.

  • 1-10 SS Bird Banding 1

    Shooting a banded duck or goose is reward enough, but a few lucky waterfowlers are pleasantly surprised when they find additional reward bands.

  • 1-7 SS Duck Management

    A duck hunt and duck hunting strategies in Burbank, WA.

  • 1-6 SS Huntplanner

    There’s a long time conflict between hunters and private land owners.

  • 1-5 SS HipBone Bow

    HipBone Bow Holder Provides Hands Free Stalking and Lightening Fast Access.

  • 1-4 SS Diver Ducks 2

    Going after "Diver Ducks" on big water.

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