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Reporting on ranching and land stewardship issues is a natural fit and a passion for Susan Allen. Growing up in a family that raised timber and Christmas trees under the shadow of Mt, Hood Susan has always found herself more comfortable on the back of a horse in the wilderness checking out the terrain than in any urban setting . Today herself a rancher and a member of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, Susan and her husband run their Wagu/Corrientes herd along with her son’s Angus cattle in the Blue Mts. near Pendleton Oregon. There they have experienced first-hand what it means to “ranch with wolves” in the most liberal and environmentally conscientious state in the Union. In her “free time” she enjoys working with young or difficult horses, helping them realize their potential and gifts in the ranching world.

Since graduating from Arizona State with a minor in Journalism Susan has followed a communications path that has included writing for and promoting the Northern California Thoroughbred Racing Industry to launching the popular Food Forethought Commentary and newspaper column in the early 2000’s( as a result of the BSE finding in Mapton WA,) becoming one of the earliest advocates for agriculture. She also co- hosted the American Rancher Radio Program which eventually became Open Range for many years. She is excited to be “back in the saddle” each day covering the issues and accomplishments of America’s Ranching Community.

  • Why Is The Japanese Government So Heartless

    Equestrians worldwide are outraged at the Japanese government and their racing industries lack of compassion for horses abandoned in the radiation zone.

  • Obama Trumped

    Donald Trump’s on the talk show circuit raising eyebrows but actually makes a point.

  • Raise the Steaks

    The Idaho Beef Council is taking a proactive step to help the hungry

  • Hay Prices Trend Up

    like everything else, the price of hay is going up.

  • Beef Industry Japan Relief Effort

    So much of our news is focused on wars, political upheavals and disasters both natural and manmade, so it’s nice to host a forum where I get to share something positive once in a while.

  • Japan's Equine Industry Copes With Aftermath

    Japans launches organized efforts to rebuild it's valuable equine industry.

  • Best Cowboy Town In The West

    American Cowboy Magazine picks best places to live out West if you're a cowboy.

  • Oregon Beef Ambassador Program

    Getting youth involved in agriculture is crucial to sustaining the ag industry.

  • Costa Rica Cattle Culture

    Recently I was given the opportunity to step back in time to a culture that I imagine would be similar to the old west,

  • Is America Still The Land Of The Free?

    I’m Susan Allen welcome to Open Range. According to a 2010 CNN poll 56 percent of both Republicans and Democrats think the government is so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens

  • Wrangler Silver Tour

    Yes Rodeo is truly Americas Family sport celebrating God, Country and Cowboys (in that order) and there is a great event coming to Idaho States Holt Arena next week that you won’t want to miss.

  • Helping to Feed the Less Fortunate

    Washington’s beef industry has come together to help feed the more than 40,000 people in the Inland Northwest who go hungry each week.

  • George Fletchers Ride

    The year is 1911, the contest; championship saddle bronc rider, the place, Pendleton Roundup…

  • Insuring Healthy Spring Calves

    We were talking calving at a roping recently and one fellow mentioned an old timer he knew gave who gave each newborn calf a tablespoon of whiskey.

  • How about An MBA In Beef Advocasy!

    am beginning to note cohesive offensive moves from the ranching community not in their right to raise cattle but in their ability to share their pride and passion about beef with the public.

  • The Demise Of Meat

    not one of Mr. Baumans fifth graders in that 1966 class room were obese, knobby kneed yes and only Betty would have been considered a bit chubby yet I was raised on what today is known as “comfort food”

  • Hedging

    It is a risk management tool that many cattle producers are taking advantage of...how about you?

  • The Value Of Hides

    Leather, leather everywhere from the seats in your Beamer to your living room sectional. And where does all this all come from.

  • The Butchers Guild

    A movement to promote the artisans in the meat cutting industry "beefs up".

  • NW Ranchers In National Publicaiton

    I’m Susan Allen, I invite you to check out the latest Issue of Cowboys and Indians magazine, one of my favorite ranching families just happens to be featured this month.

  • Demise of The Methow Pack

    It’s getting heated in the Methow Valley and there are a lot of folks pointing fingers, once again Canis lupus creates controversy.

  • Young Bull Management

    It’s bull sale season and while it seems the hard work and research is in selecting the right bull, or bulls for the ranch, correctly managing the animal in his new environment is just as critical.

  • Grass Tetany

    Grass fed cattle can come up with magnesium and calcium deficiencies at this time of year.

  • We Love Our Trucks

    The rest of the nation just doesn’t understand cowboys and ranchers especially when it comes to the rigs we drive and the miles we cover.

  • Stockmanship and Stewardship Cattle Handling Clinics

    Renowned horseman/stockman Curte Pate is on a mission to change how cattle in the U.S. are handled

  • Quiet Wean

    Cattle producers are re-discovering a way to wean calves quickly, quietly and without stress.

  • Summer Fly Control

    One of the few things I dread about summer with horses and cattle (and there're arn't many) are the flies.

  • Consumer Confidence And Beef Prices

    It’s a great time to be raising cattle, who knows how high cattle prices will climb, in fact it’s all rosy with one caveat, the consumer’s demand for beef

  • History of Corriente Cattle

    Team roping is booming throughout the nation thanks to Corriente cattle the foundation of the sport, yet most of us that spend time around these interesting creatures forget the Corriente's impact on the cattle industry as a whole.

  • Powerful Genetics

    Artificial insemination or AI is a good way to improve performance and efficiency.

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