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Reporting on ranching and land stewardship issues is a natural fit and a passion for Susan Allen. Growing up in a family that raised timber and Christmas trees under the shadow of Mt, Hood Susan has always found herself more comfortable on the back of a horse in the wilderness checking out the terrain than in any urban setting . Today herself a rancher and a member of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, Susan and her husband run their Wagu/Corrientes herd along with her son’s Angus cattle in the Blue Mts. near Pendleton Oregon. There they have experienced first-hand what it means to “ranch with wolves” in the most liberal and environmentally conscientious state in the Union. In her “free time” she enjoys working with young or difficult horses, helping them realize their potential and gifts in the ranching world.

Since graduating from Arizona State with a minor in Journalism Susan has followed a communications path that has included writing for and promoting the Northern California Thoroughbred Racing Industry to launching the popular Food Forethought Commentary and newspaper column in the early 2000’s( as a result of the BSE finding in Mapton WA,) becoming one of the earliest advocates for agriculture. She also co- hosted the American Rancher Radio Program which eventually became Open Range for many years. She is excited to be “back in the saddle” each day covering the issues and accomplishments of America’s Ranching Community.

  • Keeping Animals Safe From New And Improved..... And More Deadly Rodent Bate

    If you have a rodent problem in your barn or horse facility, a barn cat is a far better option than new rodenticides that have become even more poisonous with the advent of new ingredients.

  • The Implant Issue

    When I toured regional cattle ranches, feed lots and processing plants last summer with some of the Northwest’s top chefs and restaurant owners, the question of growth implants kept coming up.

  • The Working Cowboy Rodeo

    its always tough to see an athlete like Ryan Grey from Cheney Washington be knocked not out only out of the NFR Finals last week, but also from his chance at a world championship bareback rider title

  • Proactive Ranching

    Many are of the mindset that natural is always better and I’ve seen this mentality in both the horse and livestock industries.

  • Operation Gelding

    I am proud that the horse Industry has a reputation for being proactive when there’s an issue that needs solving.

  • A Remarkable Rancher

    When you think you are too old to attempt a job or hobby, stop and remember these two words. Jane Haddock.

  • Wolf Politics

    An November 28th editorial for the New York Times called Wolf Politics provides us a peek into the mindset of an uber urbanite.

  • Farmer's Discovery In France

    A word to the wise when plowing or moving dirt with a tractor, pay attention, you just never know what you might uncover!

  • The Vile Medusahead

    Remember medusa from Greek mythology well she’s reared her ugly heads again and she this time she won’t be pacified until she’s destroyed the West.

  • Kiss and Make Up..Like the Animals

    A new study from France concluded that horses will support each other after a squabble or conflict and act to provide comfort to a herd mate that has been bullied.

  • Nortwest Wagyu

    All Kobe beef is Wagyu but not all Wagyu is Kobe, confused about what you’re ordering? If you think of it like champagne it will become sparkling clear.

  • Why Not Be An Angel?

    This Christmas don’t just "play" Santa actually become someone or some poor animals angel.

  • Cattle Prospects

    I’ve got a Christmas present for Americas ranchers.

  • Montana Miracle

    It’s been a long week and the following story about a horse named Eddie who never gave up is a great way to end it.

  • Comanche, the Horse With Heart

    When it comes to horses you can buy the best bloodlines but that still won’t guarantee the elusive quality we call heart.

  • Grading Beef British Style

    Prime, choice, select, standard, commercial, utility, cutter, canner...all ways we label our meat and guess what country we have to thank for that?

  • Beef's Sustainability

    My late father in-law, once a well known cattle buyer in Oregon, would have been surprised by the direction the beef Industry has moved in the thirty years since he was an active participant.

  • The little Invention That Changed Horseback Riding

    Prior to World War II western stirrups were fastened with leather laces, that is until Earl Blevins a bull dogger from Wyoming was drafted into the Coast Guard’s horse patrol

  • Sages Saga

    I looked at the papers and looked back at the horse, it couldn’t be the same animal!

  • Hay Brulee Anyone?

    Grass fed is the rage in some circles isn’t it, in fact throughout the world in a bevy of upscale restaurants grass fed takes on a whole new meaning,

  • Economic Power Of Ponies

    One segment of the horse industry that has exploded over the last twenty years, evidence that unlike the stimulus plan, good things can come in small packages.

  • A New Direction For The Herford Brand

    The two most famous breeds of cattle have become recognizable brands but sometimes in achieving all that status you sacrifice exclusivity.

  • The Price of a Tail

    What is the value of a stolen tail? Wait until you hear the reward!

  • Round Up Hall of Fame

    With all the hype that surrounded the 100th Pendleton Roundup it’s easy to forget those individuals who over the years ensured it’s success.

  • Teds Bison Could Be A Threat To Cattle

    Ted Turner’s always wheeling and dealing. Recently he got dealt a blow when a bacterial disease that can be deadly for cattle was discovered in his bison herd.

  • A Nerd and A Wrangler Change The Course Of History

    Americans have always been entrepreneurs, even when government has made difficult, that was true today as it was for a sixteen year old in 1830 who loved tinkering.

  • A New PR Direction for Ag

    The PR game has never been easy for the ag community.

  • We Can Learn From Peacemakers

    Ulysses S. Grant once said “ a horse can be made to do almost anything if his master has intelligence enough to let him know what is required”

  • Military Horses

    Remarkable isn’t it that in this era of drones the humble horse still serves our nation.

  • Electricity Tragedies

    Hands down the best western movie of all times also had one of the most memorable and chilling scenes .

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