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Reporting on ranching and land stewardship issues is a natural fit and a passion for Susan Allen. Growing up in a family that raised timber and Christmas trees under the shadow of Mt, Hood Susan has always found herself more comfortable on the back of a horse in the wilderness checking out the terrain than in any urban setting . Today herself a rancher and a member of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, Susan and her husband run their Wagu/Corrientes herd along with her son’s Angus cattle in the Blue Mts. near Pendleton Oregon. There they have experienced first-hand what it means to “ranch with wolves” in the most liberal and environmentally conscientious state in the Union. In her “free time” she enjoys working with young or difficult horses, helping them realize their potential and gifts in the ranching world.

Since graduating from Arizona State with a minor in Journalism Susan has followed a communications path that has included writing for and promoting the Northern California Thoroughbred Racing Industry to launching the popular Food Forethought Commentary and newspaper column in the early 2000’s( as a result of the BSE finding in Mapton WA,) becoming one of the earliest advocates for agriculture. She also co- hosted the American Rancher Radio Program which eventually became Open Range for many years. She is excited to be “back in the saddle” each day covering the issues and accomplishments of America’s Ranching Community.

  • A Sustainable Feed lot?

    We can fantasize all day long about the bucolic benefits of grass fed beef but reality is we don’t have enough land to produce the meat it would take to feed our nation.

  • Beef Counts

    Thanks to Washington and Idaho ranchers, Agri-Beef and Washington Beef, impoverished Northwest families will have meat this winter.

  • Why Obama Can't Be A Rancher

    Several of our past presidents have spent their early and retirement years on ranches, working cattle even chopping wood but there is no way this President could ever be a rancher.

  • Whats Really Dangerous..Not Meat!

    Whenever, wherever, there’s a food borne outbreak it seems cattle are always the scapegoat

  • Unwanted Horse Study Reveals Plight

    Tough economic times aren’t just hard on people, they can be devastating to horses,

  • Fall Pasture Warning

    Rotational grazing is critical for livestock health especially in the fall.

  • A Northwest Cattle Baron

    Texas has a rich history of cattle barons but surprisingly so does the Northwest.

  • Open Range Law

    Wildlife aren't the only ones impacted by encroaching development, suburban sojourners are complaining about Open Range cattle and the law that has been a part of our west for generations

  • Fall Calving Tips

    New study sheds light on average time in labor for heifers and cows

  • Lesson in Feeding

    Is your young horse a handful! Well it might be time to evaluate what you’re feeding.

  • Handling Agitated Cattle

    Got an ornery cow, well despite being dangerous and pain to deal with I’ve got another excuse to send her packing.

  • AQHA Activists

    The American Quarter Horse Association by it’s sheer numbers packs a wallop of political clout.

  • Nations Working Together For Cattle Producers

    A group of countries that came together in 1993 have created a powerful collation to market beef.

  • Tax Benefits for Horse And Cattle Business's

    A financial shot in the arm for small horse and livestock business’s

  • Beef Trends

    The demand for beef worldwide just keeps growing!

  • Ranching Tragedy

    Ranching Tragedy

  • Beetle Benefits

    Nature can humble the best biologists.

  • Team Roper Provides Hope

    Sometimes we can become so fixated on our disabilities that we can’t see the road ahead. One Team roper provides inspiration.

  • Old Time Cowboy Challenge

    Old Time Cowboy Challenge

  • So You Want To Be A Rancher?

    So You Want To Be A Rancher

  • Maximilian and Roy Rogers Stunn Collectors

    Given that majority of the history of mankind was written on the back of a horse, it’s no surprise then that collectors and museums will pay enormous sums for antique saddles

  • The Santa Fe, Merlot and San Antonio

    While fashions have been debuting throughout the month of September in New York, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has elected this month as well to introduce new cuts of beef.

  • Barely There

    Are there grizzlies in the North Cascades?

  • Bonanza Trivia

    It is a little known fact that the star of America’s most popular western series , not only couldn’t stand horses he could barely ride.

  • The First Color Western

    I know this will date me but I still remember the chill bumps I got each Sunday night when the sepia map would burn, that epic music would play and those spectacular horses would fly across the screen

  • Support Americas' Ranchers Buy Mcdonalds

    The country that gives US cattle producers a run for their money and competition for the global export market is in the process of buying Mickey Dee’s biggest competitor.

  • Your Own Personal Wind Machine

    rural homeowners are getting on the band wagon and installing their own personal wind machine.

  • Feed Digestion and Teeth Floating

    Researchers in Canada discovered there was no correlation between teeth abnormality and feed digestibility.

  • Happy Hour For Cows

    There is nothing I like better then a juicy steak and a good cab. It seems Canadian cattle producers took this match made in heaven to a new realm.

  • Our Outdoor Lifestyle Influences Fashion Designers

    There has been a major resurgence of anything equestrian.

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