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Reporting on ranching and land stewardship issues is a natural fit and a passion for Susan Allen. Growing up in a family that raised timber and Christmas trees under the shadow of Mt, Hood Susan has always found herself more comfortable on the back of a horse in the wilderness checking out the terrain than in any urban setting . Today herself a rancher and a member of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, Susan and her husband run their Wagu/Corrientes herd along with her son’s Angus cattle in the Blue Mts. near Pendleton Oregon. There they have experienced first-hand what it means to “ranch with wolves” in the most liberal and environmentally conscientious state in the Union. In her “free time” she enjoys working with young or difficult horses, helping them realize their potential and gifts in the ranching world.

Since graduating from Arizona State with a minor in Journalism Susan has followed a communications path that has included writing for and promoting the Northern California Thoroughbred Racing Industry to launching the popular Food Forethought Commentary and newspaper column in the early 2000’s( as a result of the BSE finding in Mapton WA,) becoming one of the earliest advocates for agriculture. She also co- hosted the American Rancher Radio Program which eventually became Open Range for many years. She is excited to be “back in the saddle” each day covering the issues and accomplishments of America’s Ranching Community.

  • Easy Street

    Think a bucking horse has a tough life well, you haven’t met the Brown Bomber or Easy Street !

  • The One Arm Bandit

    Some folks, in fact I would wager many, let adversity get them down but it’s a rare individual that not only perseveres but turns a tragedy into a triumph.

  • Old Horses and New Tricks

    Thanks to the advances of modern equine medicine, most notably good dental, care our 26 year old gelding is still teaching newbies to rope but can Smokey, who is the equivalent of an 85 year old man learn new tricks

  • Ranchers Play Role in Sage Grouse Saga

    Yes they’re beautiful, especially when they strut their stuff and now the US Department of Agriculture is going to wave 16 million dollars in front of farmers and ranchers to entice them to protect their habitat.

  • Open Range Wrap UP

    Livestock producer will lead a recovery in US agriculture. Feed lot operators get needed protection and good news if you happen to own a white horse.

  • Data Center Boom in Rural NW

    A little pleep of a town near my home has come to life thanks to a new data center, a phenomena that is causing a renaissance in the rural Northwest.

  • Triming Equine Costs

    Like a hot car, for most of us horses are a luxury item, but unlike a porche that can be dumped when the economy goes south, most owners are will go to amazing lengths to keep their four legged friends.

  • Senator Johanns takes on Japan for US Beef

    If we had an aggressive ag secretary, we don’t, but if we did, it’s time for hard ball with the Japanese regarding US beef.

  • Oscar Food Flops

    It was a bad Oscar night for the food fear mongers wasn’t it?

  • California and NW Youth Have Farming Roots,

    I dare say that the millennial generation out West is more connected to the land than baby boomers ever were.

  • Endurance Riding Covers New Ground

    Endurance Riding is for those who like to rough it and tough it out!

  • Western States Fight For Right to Bear Arms

    Western states, notably Arizona ,Wyoming and Montana are taking proactive measures to maintain the rights of their citizens to bear arms.

  • U of I Extension Camp

    For fifty years youth have attended the popular Natural Resources Camp also known as the Natural Resources Workshop through the University of Idaho Extension.

  • Open Range Wrap Up

    It’s Open Range Wrap Up, Mountains of weight loss, grazing fees, a new HBO movie and a very old swan.

  • Time To Buy a Boat

    One thing we do well out west is play, and nine times out of ten summer recreation includes water and yes, typically boating.

  • Protect lBorder Collies from Ivermectin

    Many folks aren’t aware that some of the common medicine we use with our livestock can blind or kill certain breeds of dog, most notably border collies.

  • Woves and Worms

    According to my inside hunting source there has been a lot rumbling about wolf cover-up, tainted game and tape worms.

  • Deafness in Paint Horses

    Color patterns on horses can have a profound effect on the horses health.

  • Hawaii,Vaqueros and Isabella Bird

    If you’re a woman and love to chase barrel, rope steers or jump fences you have Hawaii, vaqueros and Isabella Bird to thank.

  • Side Saddle Repressed Women Athletes

    A bohemian is considered a non-conformist sort but the root of the word used in context with riding restricted women equestrians for generations.

  • US Ski Team Cowboys Up!

    Like rodeo, skiing and boarding are measured in seconds and in the words of Matthew Futtereman who authored the piece “it’s the cowboys who get the job done.”

  • Red Bluff Recap

    For sixty nine years now the Red Bluff Bull auction in January provides our regions livestock producers a gage for the upcoming year.

  • 5 Rivers Defense Fund Fights for Grazing Rights

    It’s heart breaking when your're out matched financially but as we’ve learned with the tea party movement, nothing’s impossible.

  • Grandparents and Horses

    Grandparents investments from the heart will continue to fuel the equine industry well into the future.

  • Western Quotes

    the west has spawned articulate utterings and and more than a few “Dirty Harry” style quotes

  • USDA Releases Cattle Numbers

    We have the smallest number of cattle in the United States since 1959!

  • Going Green in Urbania

    This past weekend I took a foray to the hinterlands, visiting two of the most liberal cities in our nation in one weekend.

  • Open Range Valentines Day

    Valentines Day has become predictable I'd say it’s time to buck tradition for buckaroo styling.

  • I Missed Duck Hunting

    Despite getting up in the middle of the night ,donning gear that transformed me into a wierd camo Michelin man creature and the worst....... having to remain quiet and STILL for long periods of time , I admit I missed duck hunting this season!

  • Cattle Could Save Troops

    Yes there is pork in appropriations bills but in the case of the Defense Bill there’s also cattle!

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