Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • Juniper Poisoning

    Cows that eat bark, berries or branches from western juniper trees late in pregnancy are more likely to abort their calves .

  • Keeping Calves Healthy

    The Zoetis animal health company is very involved in keeping your calves healthy.

  • Conservation Basics

    Chris Banks has a consulting business to help farmers and ranchers with their conservation concerns.

  • Wine and Alaska

    Idaho Wine commission and Alaska Airlines

  • Veterans Health Care

    It is well known that farmers, ranchers and folks from rural communities have been statistically more inclined than their urban counterparts to step up and serve our country’s militarily.

  • Estate Tax

    AFBF Asks the Administration to Withdraw Proposed Changes to the Estate Tax Discount Valuation

  • Let's get going

    NAFTA is one thing and agricultural trade is another.

  • Mexicans in Nebraska

    With Pres. Trump’s slinging arrows at trade agreements such as NAFTA, a group of Mexican agricultural officials decided to pay a visit to the United States.

  • Crop Insurance Cuts

    President Trump’s fiscal 2018 budget proposes to cut crop insurance by $29 billion over 10 years.

  • Perdue Reassures

    An undersecretary for trade .

  • 5-29 LOA Too Much Wheat

    Is there a glut on the world Market?

  • Smart Irrigation

     Growers are about to gain smarter, simpler options for controlling and managing their irrigation pivots.

  • Rural Development was there when Agriculture Sec. Sonny Perdue took his first trip to the House agriculture committee

  • Safe Berries

    Train-the-trainer workshops.

  • Reorganizing the USDA

    Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced a long-awaited plan to reorganize the USDA

  • Purdue on NAFTA

    Perdue: Six-month time frame for NAFTA talks.

  • TV Farm Series

    A blog from the Idaho Farm Bureau reported that BobCat Studios is calling their next blockbuster the American Farmer.

  • Lighthizer confirmation

    U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) welcomes the U.S. Senate’s confirmation of Robert Lighthizer as the next U.S. Trade Representative.

  • Preventing Invasive Weeds

    Protecting our recreational lands from invasive, noxious weeds.

  • WOTUS Gone

    EPA Sends WOTUS Withdrawal Notice to OMB

  • AAA Stakeholders Summit

    The 2017 Stakeholders Summit is bringing together animal agriculture to talk about ways attendees can connect and engage.

  • Pesticide Use

    We often do stories with the Idaho Department of Agriculture on safe pesticide use and disposal.

  • American Health Care Act

    American Health Care Act.

  • Soda Fire Follow-Up

    When the fire was raging and going everywhere, then it burned everything.

  • Pruitt and Walden

    Something almost unheard-of. A Republican congressman having a noncontentious, in fact very pleasant interaction with the head of the EPA.

  • President's Tax Plan

    Farmers and ranchers need a tax code that promotes the business of farming and ranching and recognizes the unique financial challenges we face.

  • H.R. 244

    Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson has applauded the House passage of H.R. 244.

  • Layne Bangerter

    Layne Bangerter Is a Trump staffer from Melba, Idaho.

  • Emergency Loans

    Low Interest Emergency Physical Loss Loans are Available for 16 Idaho Counties with Assistance to Producers in Surrounding States

  • Wheat Glut

    2016 was a year for the record books because Idaho had the highest wheat yield in the nation according to Blaine Jacobson of the Idaho Wheat Commission.

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