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Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • Farm Labor

    Farmers, Ranchers Ready for Long-overdue Immigration Reform

  • Rotating canola

    All the reasons why Canola is a great rotational crop hello I got the wrong number

  • Gas Tanks or Turkeys

    I learned that the National Turkey Federation feels strongly that the government mandated Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is unequivocally broken.

  • Plant Engineering

    OSU wants to develop an online database, called a plant reactome,

  • Barley Genetics

    A tutorial on the genetic differences between malt and feed barley.

  • Farm Safety

    Federal and state statistics list agriculture as one of the most dangerous professions in the U.S.

  • Switchgrass to ethanol

    What would it take to produce a billion tons of biomass for fuel production? 

  • Pesticides and CCD

    Pesticide products should not be allowed to drift or be applied anywhere outside their intended target.

  • Net Farm Income

    A common phrase used often when talking about markets that recover slightly after a precipitous drop is “dead cat bounce.”

  • Book on glyphosate

    The controversy over public health and glyphosate,

  • Ag Labor

    Administrative action on DACA.

  • Laissez Faire club.

    The subject of the email I got was Health Scandal, why aren't they stopping?

  • Star Wars in your Fields

    Technologies that enable us to monitor plant reaction to environmental conditions.

  • The 4 P's

    No single factor is behind the decline in honey bee health.

  • Firefighters health

    Rep. Greg Waldenhelped pass H.R. 931, the Firefighter Cancer Registry Act.

  • Forest Fire Management

    Prevent catastrophic wildfires.

  • Cattle Futures

    Live cattle futures were much higher with help from improved wholesale beef prices.

  • Organic Big Business

    This year marks the 29th anniversary of the week long observation recognizing farmers and ranchers who grow organic.

  • Equine Vaccinations

    Zoetis has some vaccination advice for horse owners.

  • Ag Education

    It’s back to school and agriculture is finding its way into the classroom:

  • Dairy MPP

    Milk producers can opt out of Margin Protection Program.

  • Hold On

    A huge surplus of wheat in recent times.

  • Future Farm Expo

    Drones are taking farming and ranching to an unprecedented place.

  • Tax Reform

    Talks have been going on in an effort to update the nations tax code.

  • Harvey Animal Victims

    Animal Agriculture Alliance issues statement on how to help farmers, ranchers and animals impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

  • Beating Nematodes

    Invisible to the naked eye, cyst nematodes are a major threat to agriculture.

  • Perdue on Wildfires

    I saw something disturbing this morning on TV. There was a complaint about Sec. of Agriculture Sonny Perdue because he prayed for rain.

  • Hurricane Help

    Hurricane Harvey Help

  • Computers and farmers

    Modern day farmers and ranchers increasingly rely on computers and other technological advances to help run their operations.

  • Sage-grouse conservation

    How greater sage-grouse conservation practices have affected ranch economics across six states.

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