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  • Chat with Brian Searle

    Bryan Searle is a busy man.

  • Appropriations

    Federal Legislation Delivers Big Wins for Idaho Agriculture


  • Labor Shortage

    Idaho led the nation in earnings growth last year and, partly as a result, Idaho’s farmers and ranchers are having a harder time finding workers.

  • Potato Prices

    Eavesdropping on a conversation between Idaho Farm Bureau Federation Pres. Brian Searle and Idaho Farm Bureau reporter Jake Putnam.

  • Brian Searle

    Idaho Farm Bureau Federation president, Bryan Searle, a Shelley, Idaho, potato farmer, was elected to a two-year terms on the AFBF board of directors.

  • Workforce 2

    With the agricultural labor force for American farms and ranches, hired workers are mostly foreign-born and primarily from Mexico.

  • Workforce

    Drive the country back roads and everywhere you look, spring summer and fall, you see the men and women of agriculture.

  • Idaho Grain Up

    Idaho farmers expect to plant slightly more grain acres in 2018.

  • Soil health partnership

    The Soil Health Partnership commemorated World Soil Day by encouraging farmers to reflect on steps they can take to make their land healthier.

  • Triticale

    It’s like a grain, your barley, rye, wheat, oats.

  • Census of Agriculture

    Idaho farmers and ranchers rank No.3 in the nation when it comes to responding to 2017 Census of Agriculture surveys. 

  • Cheatgrass, BLM and grazing

    Experimental targeted grazing project aimed at reducing the risk of fires.

  • Noxious Weed Scarves

    Some University of Idaho educators hope a new line of scarves they have designed and developed.

  • U of I Traders

    The Idaho Wheat Commission announced a $2 million gift to the University of Idaho to fund a new effort to expand education focused on risk management.

  • Ag Ambassadors 1

    Mark and Cody Mora of the SS Cattle Company in Cambridge Idaho won a trip to Washington DC.

  • Ag Ambassadors

    The Ag Ambassador program provides five couples, one from each Idaho Farm Bureau district the opportunity to go back to Washington DC .

  • Chinese Retaliation

    Farm Bureau Concerned About Chinese Trade Retaliation

  • Spring Vaccinations

    How Often Should my Horse be Vaccinated?

  • American Lamb

    For consumers, there are very few things in the meat case can that excite taste buds like that of American lamb.

  • Sheep Shorn

    There are a lot of sheep that need to be sheared.

  • U of I Endowment

    The Idaho Wheat Commission announced a $2 million gift to the University of Idaho.

  • Omnibus

    Simpson Secures Fire Borrowing Fix and Forestry Reforms in the Omnibus

  • Organic Livestock Rule

    Farm Bureau Praises Withdrawal of Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices Rule.

  • Sheep Shearing

    This time of year there are a lot of sheep that need to be sheared.

  • High Country Snow Pack

    March is a good time of the year to snowmobile the high country of Idaho.

  • Nat. Ag Day

    Today is National Agriculture Day

  • WOTUS and ducks

    A cute little duck with no name could soon become famous.

  • Strangles

    Horses travel more than ever before.

  • Huston Vineyards

    At Huston Vineyard near Caldwell Idaho, owner Greg Alger has the family trimming fruit vines.

  • Succession planning

    Keeping agricultural lands in production can ultimately help provide conservation benefits.

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