Program: Sportsman's Spotlight

Sportsmen's Spotlight is a new radio program that takes a look at all kinds of outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest.



  • Fishing Caddy

    Have you ever found yourself staging in a fishing area hoping that there will be fish, only to find out they are on the other side of the lake.

  • Aldean and Field & Stream

    The Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum will explore the life and career of Jason Aldean.

  • Close Encounter

    Good friend Britta Lindsay tells us a rare hunting story that is literally spiritual.

  • DU Gala

    Ducks Unlimited will hold its 2017 national convention May 31-June 4 in San Antonio

  • Cooking Crappie

    I deep fry them.

  • Highs and Lowcountry

    Highs and Lowcountry hunting and fishing opportunities.

  • Water to Wine

    Coming up on May 19 there is a tremendous benefit for the Spokane River.

  • Effects of Bear Spray

    Talking with Sabre Technologies CEO David Nance about the effects of his bear spray on the bear.

  • Bass Pro Bass

    Bass Pro shops, fishing for Bass.

  • Keith and Crappie

    There are a lot of people in the outfitting business who say they do great things but don’t.

  • Conservation along the Snake

    Always interested in conservation efforts for preserving animal habitat and the hunting and fishing community.

  • Ranking Reels and Boots

    Field and Stream Magazine is doing your homework for you.

  • Spring Turkey Hunt 2

    Josh was using a mouth call and did not want to seem overly anxious so he called slowly but surely.

  • Spring Turkey Hunt 1

    Turkey hunting with Josh Mills.

  • Spring Turkey Hunt

  • Spring Fishing

    Spring Fishing

  • Outdoors International 1

    Not every outfitter is cracked up to be what he says is.

  • Scotty's Bear

    A black speck at the top of a mountain turned out to be a bear headed toward the hunter.

  • Scotty's Bear

    Good friend Scotty Cyr goes elk hunting in the Idaho mountain wilderness with wife Nancy and his kids.

  • Yeti Coolers

    Nothing worse than being out in the wilderness with either cold or hot beverages, or trying to preserve food that you packed in and having it not stay the temperature you need

  • Hunting Everything

    I met Tim Elam at a sportsmen’s show in Boise and he was featuring a rifle sling.

  • Scotty's Bear

    Good friend Scotty Cyr was bow hunting in the Idaho wilderness for elk when he saw a black speck at the top of a mountain.

  • Getting a Goat

    There is so much game in New Zealand because they don't have any predators.

  • Pastrami Trout

    At the top of my menu wishlist fresh trout has always been included.

  • Kayak Fishing

    I'm talking to Sportsmen’s Warehouse sales associate Keith McDowell about fishing from a kayak.

  • Jackson Kayak

    I was a kayaking junkie and met Eric Jackson, president of Jackson kayaks when I was in college.

  • Color Blind Glasses

    Dr. Mark Changizi’s a neuroscientist and vision expert who created color correcting glasses forPeople suffering red-green color blindness.

  • Big horns euthanized

    I got a press release from Mike Demick, Idaho Fish & Game Information Supervisor, saying that two big horns had to be euthanized after contacting domestic sheep in Challis, Idaho.

  • Fire Bugs

    Larval stages of the chironomid midge can be found in almost any aquatic habitat.

  • Calling in Toms

    There was an article in Field and Stream entitled Angry Birds where a turkey caller produces yups in such a way as to make Tom's in the area fighting mad.

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