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Program: Sportsman's Spotlight

Sportsmen's Spotlight is a new radio program that takes a look at all kinds of outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest.



  • Florida Whitetail

    I learned something I did not know from Field & Stream editor in chief Colin Kearns about whitetail hunting.

  • Gabe More than tree stands

    Gabe Rodriguez talks about Whitetail hunting and all of the techniques and subtleties that he uses in the Midwest to be successful.

  • Bass Tips

    Show me a bass fisherman and I will show you someone with a few tricks up his sleeve.

  • Wyoming Women's Antelope Hunt

    Sinclair Oil will be returning to compete for the Founder's Award at the Seventh Annual Wyoming Women's Antelope Hunt.

  • LUNKERHUNT Founder

    Every time I go to a sportsman's show, I am inspired by the number of products which were developed by outdoorsmen who saw a need.

  • Outside Exhibition

    OUTSIDE, is excited to announce Outside Experience

  • Gabe Family Affair

    Gabe Rodriguez reflecting back on his childhood memories of pheasant hunting.

  • Frog Kings

    Well past midnight, Tim Reed and Rodney Smith paddle down a skinny stretch of water in northern New York.

  • DU

    It’s almost mystical.

  • Play Clean Go

    We have asked anglers and boaters in general to be responsible with regard to keeping their watercraft clean of invasive species.

  • Tommy Bear Hunt

    Sportsman's Spotlight team member Tommy Allen made an interesting trade.

  • Outside Experience

    An unprecedented two-day event for outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Gabe and UTVs

    Outdoorsman Gabe Rodriguez gives us all a reason and a means by which we can use public lands.

  • Bad Attitude Angler

    How not to be an angler.

  • Cooking Venison

    I had a question for executive chef and avid hunter, Randy King.

  • Managing Wolves

    A chat with Idaho Fish and Game public information supervisor Rodger Phillips about managing wolves.

  • Forest Service

    Thought about perhaps taking your boat out in the water this week perhaps bringing a fishing rod and tackle box.

  • Noise Pollution

    Do you know what you were listening to?

  • Leave them alone

    Outdoorsman whether you're hiking hunting out in the wilderness under any capacity. We've got some advice.

  • Book Review

    It has been said that all fishermen are liars

  • Jarrod the butcher and chef

    Turning wild elk into a meal.

  • Gotfishing.com

    As some of you know, I have spent a huge volume of my time in the outdoors in the company of outfitters.

  • Gabe becomes a hunter

    How did my friend Gabe Rodriguez who was raised in the Maritime Provinces of Canada become an American outdoorsman?

  • Alpaca Scent Block

    Mark Niemeyer has a herd of 53 alpacas.

  • Survival Solutions

    I met Brent McMillen from Survival Solutions.

  • Fishing or hunting

    Kent Goodman will do anything to go fishing and I asked him what drove his passion.

  • SnugBud

    A company called SNUG BUD contacted me with a hot water bottle insulator pouch.

  • Getting Fired

    Patience is a virtue and with a hunter, or fisherman, it’s a must.

  • Play, Clean, Go Prevention

    We reach out to all outdoorsman and ask that they become very involved in conservation efforts.

  • Ethical Outfitters

    At least in one instance an outfitter who was trying to market his services was not exactly what he was cracked up to be.

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