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Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • Ag Tax Codes

    Tax code changes by Congress and the Trump administration mean changes for farmers and ranchers at tax time.

  • Alternatives to pesticides

    Pesticides are the most frequently detected contaminants in the streams of Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley.

  • Breeding bulls

    Nutrition management on young bulls is crucial to their success on the ranch.

  • Put away that i phone

    Technology and nutrition.

  • Clean Energy

    An electric cooperative in Colorado aims to provide the rural area it serves with cleaner, renewable energy.

  • Problems with Drones

    Ceres Imaging uses high resolution cameras and sophisticated software to analyze a farmers field for potential problems.

  • Wuru Wool

    Outdoor and endurance athletes of every stripe will benefit from the blister-preventative properties of loose lanolin-rich wool.

  • Angus Taste Differential

    I asked if there was a difference in taste between red and black Angus beef.


    Antibiotic resistance arise, the National Institute for Animal Agriculture, or NIAA takes a “One Health” approach.

  • ELD Update

    Almost exactly one year ago I did a story about the Electronic Logging Device rule.

  • Rocky Mtn Oysters.

    Bryn Johnstone has been a cattle woman for 13 years.

  • Adapted grazing

    During a Cattlemen's College held some time ago attendees learned about grazing practices on rangeland

  • Real Angus

    Is it possible that you could have counterfeit Angus calves in your herd?

  • Vilsack and Exports

    Dairy exports have reached record levels.

  • Few Bankruptcies

    Chapter 12 bankruptcies lower across farm country.

  • Ongoing Opiods

    Words of House representative Wahlberg from Michigan back in May regarding alleged pill dumping into rural communities.

  • Rural Internet

    The benefits of a strong Internet presence in rural communities.

  • Beer Variety

    Dr. Patrick Hayesworks with a number of craft breweries in an attempt to develop new varieties.

  • Apple Detectives

    Researchers at Washington State University have teamed with an amateur apple detective to bring fruit varieties thought extinct back to life.

  • Millenials and Beef

    Millennials are the demographic cohort following Generation X.

  • Antibiotic Resistance

    Professor Tim LaPara works to understand a complex problem.

  • A Cattle Family

    Four generations of the Purdy family and their impact on the beef cattle industry.

  • Walden and Fires

    Representative Greg Walden applauded H.R. 2, the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018 (Farm Bill).

  • Rural Internet

    A strong Internet presence in rural communities.

  • WOTUS Again

    Conaway Applauds EPA Action to Review and Revise WOTUS

  • Sheep and PETA

    The Center for Consumer Freedom sent a letter asking that Front Street, where PETA’s headquarters is located, be renamed “PETA Kills Avenue.”

  • Crop Report

    Harvests and planting below 5 year average.

  • Vilsack and Exports

    With the ongoing economic challenges in the dairy industry, there’s at least one positive: exports have reached record levels.

  • Few Bankruptcies

    Chapter 12 bankruptcies lower across farm country.

  • Wolf Liberals

    We have been hearing in recent weeks that federal protections for wolves were going to be removed.

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