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Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • The truth about transparency

    There is such a huge movement in America towards this “get to know who is producing your food and under what circumstances.”

  • Eliminating Pasture Parasite Larvae

    Producers tend to focus on worms in their capital budgets but it is the worms on your pasture that should really be the concern.

  • Phenotyping in the field and greenhouse

    Developing drought tolerant corn that makes efficient use of available water .

  • NASS Census



  • VA and Walden

    As I have covered farmers and ranchers over the past seven years, I have always been impressed with their willingness and commitment to serve their communities and country.

  • Earth Day 2017

    Earth Day 2017

  • SNAP Restrictions

    The country’s largest nutrition assistance program could undergo big changes.

  • NAFTA and Corn

    NAFTA or no NAFTA, I can tell you one thing, the US sends of a lot of corn to Mexico.

  • HSUS Fraud

    I found out about an organization called HumaneWatch which took out a full-page ad in USA Today.

  • Floating Farms

    Leave it to the Dutch.

  • Robots on the Farm

    Todd Webb, a fourth-generation dairyman, along with his partners started Snake River Robotics to serve dairy producers in the Magic Valley area of Southcentral Idaho.

  • Creative Thinking

    A recent Farm Bill Summit Panel discussed how to help bring the next generation back to the farm and one of the key speakers was Ryan Quarries the Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture.

  • Beginners Buying Farmland

    If a farm is making tons of money for its owner, presumably that means the farm is worth a lot.

  • Quagga Disaster

    I was recently at a sportsman's show in Boise and a display at the US Coast Guard stand showed what Quagga muscles look like.

  • Plant reactome

    OSU has been working on a $2.9 million grant, awarded by the National Science Foundation to develop an online database.

  • Ag Symposium

    Shaping Research Priorities Based on Practical Challenges

  • Interdepartmental Synergy

    University of Idaho students got a second-place finish in a national simulated trading contest.

  • Future of SNAP

    Debating the Future of SNAP: Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA) Members Provide Expert Analysis

  • Friendly Trade

    Trump and Trade

  • Sheep Shearing

    Travel magazine once stated that sheep, you may be surprised to learn, are not as dumb as they look.

  • Cyanide Bomb

    14-year-old Pocatello boy who was walking the family dog on a hill close to his home watched his dog die from a cyanide poison bomb.

  • Precision Liquid Delivery

    I came across something that fascinated me in an ag publication.

  • Handing down farms

    The graying American farmer.

  • AAA Summit

    A live focus group featuring Kansas City-area consumers will kick off the 2017 Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit.

  • Safety Net

    Farmers, Ranchers Ask Congress to Strengthen Safety Net

  • Weed Awareness

    Harvest is a great time to check on what weeds are showing up in fields.

  • NutriSync

    Loveland agronomist Joe Cacka is one smart cookie.

  • 3-22 LOA Soil Health PSA

    Coverage of soil health topics and events, along with your airing of the PSAs, in particular, have helped raise awareness of the basics and benefits of improving the health of our nation’s soil.

  • Rotting Onions

    Onion producers are in a race against the clock to dump the rotting onions before onion maggots hatch.

  • Ag Week

    This is national agriculture week.

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