Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • Hartzler Op-Ed

    An ag friendly politician, Rep. Vicky Hartzler.

  • Beyond Meat

    Plant-Based” Meats Don’t Grow on Vines

  • Human and animal medicine

    Human and animal medicine have relied on antibiotics to treat infection for decades.

  • Colorado beef

    Colorado beef fuels the state’s economy and your body.

  • Almond Research

    Some commodity marketing orders with USDA oversight are not just involved in the area of promotion.

  • Government Payments

    USDA’s deputy chief economist Warren Preston says government payments have boosted farm income 42.5% from last year.

  • Beef prices up

    Beef prices up

  • Alpaca Update

    September 28 and 29, alpaca business owners will celebrate the 12th annual National Alpaca Farm Days.

  • Dairy Mechanization

    More than 1,000 dairy cows were moved out of Heglar Creek Dairy's conventional barn and into a new robotic milking barn.

  • H2-A Again

    Grocery stores are the latest battleground for U.S. agriculture.

  • Planted acreage

    Huge Differences in planted acreage data between NASS and FSA agencies have led to uncertainty in the 2019 crop size.

  • Road Infrastructure

    Trucking: Where rural roads are and where they are heading

  • Cliff

    I talk with a banker at Community Bank in Baker, Oregon.

  • Grizz and Livestock

    John Kelly set up a grizzly bear tour with state and federal authorities to address the frustration.

  • Stop tariffs on Ag

    Agricultural groups have had enough with Washington using Ag products as weapons.

  • Canyon County Fair

    It's fair season and we're going to the Canyon County Fair .

  • Impact of Flooding

    This past year has seen massive flooding over so many farms in the country,

  • Middle Sized Farms

    Small farms and big corporate farms are staying relatively steady.

  • Robot Tough love

    We see younger kids want to come back to the family farm and get involved with Dad.

  • Wolf Recovery

    One of my earliest assignments as an endangered species biologist, was to be the Wolf Recovery Project leader.

  • Glyphosate Controversy

    Austrian lawmakers banned glyphosate, the key chemical in Roundup.

  • Lower Land Values

    USDA's recent 2019 Land Values report revealed the average value of agricultural cropland.

  • Boycott Restaurants

    Is the Farm Animal Rights Movement seriously intimidating livestock producers?

  • Cherry Juice and Health

    Gem County cherry farmer Lance Phillips.

  • Insurance Deadline

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Risk Management Agency reminds farmers to apply for crop insurance coverage for the 2020 crop year.

  • Farm Bankruptcies

    Farm Bankruptcies on the rise.

  • Defining Lactation

    There are definite cycles of lactation in dairy cows that spike and then decrease gradually over time.

  • Apple Annie's pies

    Apple Annie's is the best place to eat apple pie in the world.

  • Organic Rules

    Some argue that the standards required to meet the organic label are too tough.

  • EU Beef Deal

    US ranchers are excited over a beef export agreement signed Friday between the US and the European Union. 

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