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Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • EPA Gaffe

    When someone from the government shows up on a landowner’s farm or ranch, it is not always an instant love affair.

  • Checking Food Safety

    Viet Nam is under new scrutiny for violating U.S. food safety regulations. 

  • Selling to South Korea

    South Korea is a top export market for a number of Western state products.

  • Steps towards silo safety

    Warning of the dangers that explode when young people venture too close to grain silos.

  • OR Net Farm Income

    Oregon farmers and ranchers have generally seen a better bottom line in their balance sheet.

  • Giant Leaps in Bio-tech

    Agriculture has entered the 20-year anniversary of plant biotechnology, a scientific advancement most closely identified with Monsanto Company.

  • Counting Apples

    Predicting fruit numbers early in the game.

  • Wheat Surplus

    1909 was the last year that winter wheat growers planted as small amount of acreage to wheat that farmers planted in the fall of 2016.

  • Targeted Grazing

    One of the challenges with fire in the West now, is cheat grass.

  • Health Insurance

    A New Bill Would Help Rein in Health Insurance Costs

  • Trade Deals

    There certainly has been no lack of opinions rendered with regard to the trade deals that Pres. Trump has decided to table.

  • State of Animal Ag

    Animal activist groups out there sometimes even violently oppose the notion that animals are used in the food supply.

  • Dole on TTP

    Former Senator Bob Dole wrote an opinion piece that was published in agri-pulse.com.

  • What's up with Wheat

    1909 was the last year that winter wheat growers planted as small amount of acreage to wheat that farmers planted in the fall of 2016.

  • Land Transfer

    The USDA Makes it Easier to Transfer Land to the Next Generation of Farmers and Ranchers.

  • Direct Action Everywhere 1

    Yesterday we heard the soundtrack from a video that was surreptitiously shot by an animal activist group named Direct Action Everywhere.

  • Direct Action Everywhere

    The Animal Agriculture Alliance made me aware of a shocking video produced by an animal rights group named Direct Action Everywhere.

  • Onion Production Drop

    Chicken Little thought the sky was falling but in reality, it was the roofs of onion packing plants and storage facilities.

  • VFD impact

    What is VFD’s the impact?

  • Price of Onions

    Onion packing plants and onion storage facilities in Idaho and Oregon have had their roofs collapse due to the weight of snow and rain.

  • CT Scans for Plants

    The National Science Foundation awarded over $1 million to a research team to determine how plants respond to stress, such as drought.

  • Switchgrass for soil conservation

    The loss of fertile topsoil from agricultural fields is an economic problem for modern farmers.

  • Ag Census

    What happens as part of your operation this year will provide the data for the next Census of Agriculture.

  • Barley

    OSU’s barley varieties appeal to brewers, bakers and bovines.

  • Weed biocontrol

    The true definition of a weed is just a plant out of place.

  • Christmas Tree Business

    The Pacific Northwest is a natural choice for Christmas tree farming.

  • Millennials and Beef

    Some facts about millennials as consumers.

  • Progressive ODA

    Trade managers with the Oregon Department of Agriculture are taking some actions that other states, notably Idaho and Washington might consider.

  • Ultimate Sustainability

    UI Researchers are beginning a project to help Idaho view and use manure, byproducts of food processing, and other agricultural and aquacultural materials as a resource.

  • Sentera

    A company called Sentera, brings aerial data-capture capabilities to the industry with the revolutionary Omni™ Quad-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

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