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  • 2-24 NWR Invasive species

    Accomplishments, challenges, and the long-term vision for a diverse yet unified Oregon State Department of Agriculture were all part of a presentation given recently to the State Board of Agriculture.

  • 2-23 NWR Farm Bill

    The Republican Congress is getting a unified message from farm groups, conservation organizations and nutrition advocates: Don’t cut the farm bill.

  • 2-22 NWR Cull Extension

    Idaho officials have extended the deadline for farmers to dispose of spoiled or damaged onions.

  • 2-21 NWR Simpson Joins Walden

    Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson joined 42 Members of Congress in cosponsoring H.R. 1121, the Pre-Existing Conditions Protection Act of 2017.

  • 2-20 NWR Better Health Care

    U.S. Rep. Greg Walden (R-Hood River), Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, provided an update on the committee’s health care work

  • 2-17 NWR MMP

    Northwest dairy producers will be interested to know that during an approximately 2 1/2 hour House Ag Committee hearing on Wednesday, at least half of it was on the subject of dairy.

  • 2-16 NWR Wheat Trade Imbalance

    U.S. Wheat Associates ChairmanJason Scott called on the Canadian government to take the steps needed to allow “a free flow of grain in both directions across the border.

  • 2-15 NWR Free Tax Assistance

    A free place to get your taxes done.

  • 2-14 NWR Farmland Values

    Several factors will come into play in 2017 that will determine the direction of land values.

  • 2-13 NWR Lower NFI

    There is more evidence of a continued downturn in the US farm economy.

  • 2-10 NWR Bio-fuel

    According to a new Oregon State University analysis, the camellia plant shows promise as a biofuel.

  • 2-9 NWR Fixing Medicaid

    Our goal is straight forward - to modernize America's health care laws.

  • 2-8 NWR More Snow

    Idaho has been slammed with extremely heavy, wet snow fall.

  • 2-7 NWR NCBA Ends

    A record number of cattle producers attended the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association meeting in Nashville last week.

  • 2-6 NWR Animal Disease Traceability

    Washington Department of Agriculture is working with Oregon and Idaho in the development of animal disease traceability programs.

  • 2-3 NWR Super Bowl Beer

    You can expect a great deal of beer to be flowing on Super Bowl Sunday..

  • 2-2 NWR NAFTA Concerns

    Agri-Pulse.com reports the tumultuous relationship between President Donald Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has Northwest farmers worried about the future of NAFTA.

  • 2-1 NWR Simpson on Trump

    Congressman Mike Simpson’s spokesperson Nikki Wallace on President Trump’s executive order on admissions to the United States.

  • 1-31 NWR Trump Immigration Stance 1

    The Northwest is reeling from the president’s immigration stance.

  • 1-30 NWR More Precipitation

    It looks like we are headed for more heavy precipitation.

  • 1-26 NWR Eradicating Japanese Beetles

    Oregon Department of Agriculture is doing a pilot program that could serve as a terrific model for the entire Northwest.

  • 1-25 NWR Onion Prices

    Onion packing plants and onion storage facilities in Idaho and Oregon have had their roofs collapse due to the weight of snow and rain.

  • 1-24 NWR Collapsing onion facilities

    Onion packing plants and storage facilities in Idaho and Oregon are very much in the news given that they have been impacted by the snow and rain that has pelted us for months.

  • 1-23 NWR Sonny Perdue

    A closer look at nominee for Sec. of Agriculture Sonny Perdue.

  • 1-20 NWR Vilsack to Dairy Exports

    President-elect Donald Trump made it official yesterday, naming former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue as his choice for Agriculture Secretary.

  • 1-19 NWR Crop Insurance Deadlines

    There are some upcoming deadlines for farmers in the Northwest.

  • 1-18 NWR Still No Ag Sec

    There still has been no announcement who will be the new agriculture secretary.

  • 1-17 NWR Lummi Lawsuit

    Seven dairy farms in Whatcom County have reached an agreement with Lummi Nation.

  • 1-16 NWR Crab Strike Ends

    A Dungeness crab fishermen's strike that started before Christmas has ended.

  • 1-13 NWR Simpson Acts

    President Obama just designated two new national monuments.

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